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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Corridor View Post

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Mic Cain- Mic Cain Is In The House
    O.M.A.R.- Hit The Note
    Kam- Go With The Flow
    Sir IBU- I'm The Peacemaker
    SOS Massive- Get Funky
    Skinny Boys- Stylin'
    MC Breed & DFC- Better Terms
    Chosen Two- This Is Talent
    Barsha- Internal Affairs
    Class A Felony- Gotta Go, Gotta Go
    Big Daddy Kane- Get Down (remix)
    Ultramagnetic MCs- Ease Back
    Greyson & Jasun- Hard As They Come
    Kool D & Technolo G- Go To Work
    Balli & The Fat Daddy- Masterplan
    Chill Divine- Long Live The Lyrical
    Keylo SD- The Masterplan
    Flipp- Roaches
    Soul Purpose- Soul Purpose
    Zack- Be Strong
    KMC- No Title For This
    D Marcus C- Freedom
    3 Dep- People Stop And Stare
    Makeba & Skratch- Knockout
    Too Fresh- Too Fresh Is Taking Over
    Lord Ishawn & The Bronx Outlaws- Microphone Check
    Puertoroc Posse- Tumbla La Casa
    Breezy Beat MC & DJ Nasty- Puertorican House Rocker
    Trouble- I Get Hype
    Rich Fresh- Time To Get Hype
    MC Malika Love- She's Bad

    Another dope mix Bobby! I was totally shocked you played a group from my area Puerto Roc Posse. I put it on the net years ago yet I never heard anyone play it in a mix before. Props for dropping that little know tune in a mix Bobby.

    btw, Kool Hec C now known as Kool Hec Si still makes music with his partner Fuego 1


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    I think it might have been your YouTube upload I listened to after I saw it for sale

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Q.B.C.- This Is Called Hip Hop
    C.I.A.- Ill Legal
    Citi Heet- More
    Stetsasonic- Forever My Beat
    Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops- Live Wire Voo Doo (inst)
    Supreme Force- Handlin' Things
    Tray Bag MC- This Is A Jam
    Grand Poobah Tony D & Cool Gino G- I'm Terrifyin'
    Jay N Ace- I Get Better
    Vandy C & Bill Blast- Just Feel It
    Kaptain Jam & The Mighty Finesse- I Can't Stand You
    Shelton D- We Can Do This
    Raw Corp- I'm Real Def
    Salt N Pepa- Part II At The Speed Of Light
    Schoolly D- Smoke Some Kill
    Smitty D & Rock Squad- Kic Kic
    Buzy Boys- Stop Jockin' Me
    Raw Dope Posse- Listen To My Turbo
    Busy Bee- Suicide
    Master Cylinder- It's Rhythm (Part 1)
    T La Rock- He's Incredible
    Fresh 3 MCs- Fresh
    True Mathematics- Get Funky Everybody
    The Benneton Gang- Gangster Cool
    Divine Force- Ain't We Funky Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by top-notch-records View Post
    Industrealsound Feat. The Artifacts

    Highly Recommended
    Sick biscuits. Thanks

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    My latest live set. Please excuse a few awkward transitions, the place only had an old disco mixer w big knobs instead of faders.



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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Tony Da Skitzo- Who U Talkin 2
    Milk- Spam (remix)
    Dilated Peoples- The Platform (remix)
    Peanit Butter Wolf- Run The Line
    M Slash- Feel It
    Stressed Out- Jazzy With The Joint
    The Nonce- Turnin' It Out
    The Beatnuts- Superbad
    Sir Menelik- Space Caddilac (remix)
    Wayne Live- Think U Jammin'
    Ripshop- Transmitt
    Third Sight- Zodiac Killer
    Superstar Quamallah- Wit It
    Jigmastas- Let Me Hear It
    Mood Swingaz- No Simulator
    The High & The Mighty- Hands On Experience
    Saukrates- Twenty One Years
    Mobb Deep- Drop A Gem On 'Em
    NONE- What U Got (IB Vs IR)
    Brand Nubian- Steal Ya Hoe
    Digable Planets- Dedication

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Frank Lowe- Chu's Blues
    Frank Tusa- Doin' It
    Sam Rivers- Pulse
    Andrew Cyrille- High Priest
    Fred Houn & The Afro Asian Ensemble- Kimochi (Community Spirit)
    Barry Altschul Trio- Com Alma De Nocha
    Arthur Blythe- Down San Diego Way
    Jack DeJohnette's Directions- Struttin'
    Wayne Shorter- Sweet Pea
    Lester Bowie- Dunce Dance
    The Art Ensemble Of Chicago- Promenade: Cote Bamako II
    Don Cherry- Brown Rice
    Steve Lacy- The Throes
    Ornette Coleman- Civilization Day
    David Murray Octet- Blues Choctaw
    Larry Young- Sunshine Fly Away
    Sun Ra- Solar Symbols
    Craig Harris- Music For Psychedelic Souls
    McCoy Tyner- Motherland
    Don Pullen- Joycie Girl
    David S. Ware- Theme Of Ages

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Screamin' & Cryin'- Mary Jane Next Door
    S.W.A.T.- Poetry
    MC E Rock- E Rock Runs The House
    Latee- This Cut's Got Flavor
    C.P.O.- Gangsta Melody
    Hot Day Dante- Rhyme Complication
    Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Brand New Funk
    Robbie B & DJ Jazz- Get Hip To The Real Thing
    Big Daddy Kane- Get Into It
    Loose J & The Master Of Wax- Hi Lo Cut
    Three Times Dope- Believe That
    Makeba & Skratch- Don't Sleep On Us
    Tony Tee- Get Physical
    Yogi Bear & Time Scratch- It Is What It Is
    Gangstarr Posse- Read The Label
    Mr Melody- Funk Motor
    Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M- Bodies On The Nine
    Jamose- The Rhymthologist
    Fresh Ski & Mo Rock- Down To The A.M.
    Chill Dee- It's Too Late
    Above The Law- Whatcha Can Prove
    Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B- Welcome To Dopeland
    TMW Kiz- I'm Clever
    4-Ever-Fresh- Urban Sound Surgeon
    Hijack- Style Wars
    AIM ft. YZ- Ain't Got Time To Waste

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    definitely in the past...
    beats like ice cream, rhymes are like sprinkles...

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    Cheers Ev, enjoying that

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    DJ Vadim on XFM, 2004


    Click here to see it on Mixcloud



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