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    I put some of my old mixes on Mixcloud. Maybe there's something you haven't heard before.


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    New Jazz Spastics mix:

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

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    I flatly refuse to listen to anything these guys do just because their name is so offensive and frankly shit.

    It's 2018 you can't call yourself that.

    Also the Anime artwork they use is some of the wackest I have ever seen.

    Apparently they are local as well.
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    ^i agree about the name choice, but they select some shit hot music for mixes and i enjoy some (not all) of their production.
    "I have no idea what hammer time is, or how it differs from regular time" - Dexter Morgan.

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    M Walk and King Saul- Def Tunes
    Jewel T- I Like It Loud
    Prime Time- He's Def
    J.D.T.R.- Dady's Great
    2 Live Crew- Beat Box (remix)
    Doug E Fresh- Just Having Fun (Do the Beatbox)
    Masterdon Committee- Funkbox Party
    Afrika Bambaataa- Bambaataa's Theme
    Beastie Boys- Beastie Groove
    Word of Mouth and DJ Cheese- King Kut
    Pumpkin- King of the Beat
    Pumpkin and The Profile Allstars- Here Comes That Beat
    Cazal Boys- Snatching Cazals
    Master OC and Krazy Eddie- Masters of the Scratch
    UTFO- Leader of the Pack
    Fearless Four- F4000
    Run DMC- Sucker MCs
    The Russell Brothers- Party Scene
    Kid Frost- Terminator
    Ultimate III- Ultimate III Live
    Slim- Good To Go
    Trouble Funk- Let's Get Small
    Robbie B and Jazzy J- Rock the Go Go
    Fats Comet- Eat the Beat
    Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde- Scratch On Galaxy
    Z3 MCs- Triple Threat
    Whistle- (Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin'

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    just posted up this tape of Mr Magic & Marley Marl on WBLS from '86. World premiere of Jane Stop This Crazy Thing...




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