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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Mikey D and the LA Posse- Kill That Base
    Kool D and Technolo G- Now Dance
    Get Wit It Productions- Are You Ready
    TNT- RIP
    Stetsasonic- DBC Let The Music Play
    JVC Force- 6 Feet Back On The Map
    Makeba and Skratch- You're In Good Hands With Skratch
    Hot Day AKA Dante- Put The Party In Full Effect
    Unique- War Rap
    The Scam- Scamgroove
    Numarx- SPEN (The Confusion)
    MC's of Rap- Domination
    Kool G Rap- I Declare War
    DJ Ace and Daquan- Give It Up
    Def Defiance- Definitely Def
    Ultramagnetic MC's- MC's Ultra Part 2
    Sweet Tee- As The Beat Goes On
    Father MC and The 1st Fleet Crew- I'm Gettin' Better
    Network- Walk Like Sex
    Silk and Lace- Swing The Game Troop
    Skinny Boys- Poison This Place
    Disco 3- Fat Boys
    Steady B- Rockin' Music
    A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It (Phase 5 mix)
    Fastbreak and Supreme- My Time
    Butchy B- Frontin' At The Jam
    Tricky Tee- Johnny The Fox
    Rob Base- Make It Hot
    Unique and Dashan- Versatility
    Supreme Nyborn- Versatility

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    moon base alpha
    DJ Kiyo - ROYALTY 005 - Give Me A Break . Mixtape
    Japan only promo by the mighty DJ KIYO.

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    SIDE A

    01.Jean Jacques Perry / E.V.A. ( FATBOY SLIM REMIX )
    02.DJ FOOD / Spiral
    03.Runaways / Finders Kreepers
    04.Tek9 / 2001
    05.DEEJAY PUNK ROC / No Meaning ( inst. )
    06.Fanatik / Hydro (w/DEEJAY PUNK ROC SCRATCH)
    07.Wagon Christ / Piano Playa Hata
    08.DJ THOMILLA / Wenn Der Beat Flippt
    09.Blackalicious / One Of A Kind
    10.Common Ground / Angels Never Fall In Love
    11.Josh Virgin / Something Personal
    12.Bushy & Professor / Periscope d’Amour
    13.Psyche’s Rock / Chopped Up ( COLDCUT REMIX )
    14.Masters At Work / Just A Ill Dope
    15.Kurtis Mantronik / Push Yer Hands Up ( DJ CASH MONEY SCRATCH MIX )
    16.Rareforce / A Quick Flash
    17.Purple Penguin / Apollo
    18.Howie B / Switch
    19.The Eccentric Afro’s / Grover’s Return
    20.Quannumm / I Changed My Mind
    21.Outcast / Top Floor
    22.Propellerheads / A Number Of Microphones
    23.Freska Allstars / Get Fresh
    24.Bill Ben & Baggio / Pusherman ( THWOMP REMIX )
    25.Live And Direkt / Why?
    26.A.T.C.Q / Can I Kick It? ( PIMP JUICE BEAT )\

    SIDE B

    01.Nuyorican Soul / Jazzy Jeff’s Theme
    02.Clinton / Buttoned Down Disco ( THE SCRATCH PERVERTS REMIX )
    03.Pepe Deluxe / B-Boy Breakdown
    04.Jungle Brothers / Down With The Jbeez ( KIYO’S BLEND MIX )
    05.Boogie Down Production / Who Protects Us From You?
    06.Jungle Brothers / Jungle Brothers ( URBAN TAKE OVER REMIX )
    07.DJ CAM / Success ( KENNY DOPE REMIX )
    08.DJ VADIM / U.S.S.R. Repertoire ( CLATTEBOX REMIX )
    09.Automator With Kool Keith / A Better Tomorrow ( Z-TRIP REMIX )
    10.DJ REVOLUTION / Neva Come Close
    11.Chicken Lips / You Need A Medic
    12.Videodrone / Face Plant ( DJ SPINNA REMIX )
    13.Push Button Objects / Nocturnal Device
    14.The Herbaliser / Ka Boink!
    15.Pepe Deluxe / Woman In Blue ( PRESSURE DROP REMIX )
    16.The Chemical Brothers / Morning Lemon
    17.Cut And Paste / Cut And Paste
    18.Freestylers / Spaced Invader
    19.DEE JAY PUNK-ROC / I Hate Everybody
    20.Kojak / You Can’t Stop It ( DJ SPINNA REMIX )
    21.Paul Hunter / Outro

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Trio Connection- Dope Beat
    Fresh Gordon- I Believe In Music
    Shelton D- We Can Do This
    Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Just Rockin'
    Roxanne Shante- Pay Back
    CIA- Ill-Legal
    Vandy C & Bill Blast- Let's Whop
    Tray Bag MC- This Is A Jam
    Freak L- Buggin' In The Crib
    T Funk- To The Point
    Sockie & Kato- Loretta
    Stetsasonic- 4 Ever My Beat
    Steady B- Nothin' But The Bass
    Disco Beave- Hall Of Fame
    Busy Boys- That's The Flavor
    Tricky Tee- Good To Go
    T La Rock- Bass Machine
    Buzy Boys- Stop Jockin' Me
    The Dismasters- You Must Be Crazy (Brutus)
    Schoolly D- Dis Groove Is Bad
    3D- On The Dope Side
    The Lover Kool D & DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In The House)
    Cold Crush Brothers- Feel The Horns
    Demon Boyz- Northside
    The Diplomats- Cold Vicious
    Butchy B- Go Magic
    Mr Melody- Funk Motor
    Rapzologist Dee Nice- Take A Chill Pill
    DJ Short & Max Zeke- My Phone
    Grandmaster Flash- U Know What Time It Is
    Busy Bee- Running Thangs
    Three The Hard Way- Hyped
    Divine Force- My Uptown Beat
    Tuff Crew- Down With The Program

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    Jun 2009

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Romeo Black- Chemical Warfare
    PHD- A Night To Remember
    D Smooth- Don't Sleep On This
    Upfront Rudies- Rockin' Beats And Rhymes
    Robbie B & DJ Jazz- Chillin' After Midnight
    Izzy Ice & DJ Majesty- Funky Freestyle
    Roxanne Shante- Have A Nice Day (remix)
    Makeba & Skratch- Ain't It Funky
    Mr Hype- Nothing But The Truth
    E40- Goal Tendin'
    Low Profile- Funky Song (remix)
    Stetsasonic- Funk Around
    X Clan- Heed The Word Of The Brother
    Joe Cooley- Chase The Bass
    Black By Demand- In The Mist Of Funk
    Side FX- Can I Get A Witness
    Eric B & Rakim- Don't Sweat The Technique (a capella)
    Dooley O- Funky
    Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five- Drug Wars
    Pretty Tone Capone- Case Dismissed
    Arabian Prince- Let The Good Times Roll
    Freshski & Mo Rock- Come Along
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo- Poison (dub)
    Black Empire- Necessary Roughness (Raw Soul mix)
    Fish- Can You Feel It (dub)
    Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich- The Rapsody (In J Minor)
    Stezo- Freak The Funk



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