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    Steady B- Certified Dope
    Stezo- Going For Mine
    Mellow T- Keep It Real
    Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth- Slave To My Soundwave
    Kool D & Technolo G- Go To Work
    Taking Your Business- Show 'Em How It's Done
    Ultramagnetic MCs- Make It Happen (remix)
    Lakim Shabazz- The Posse Is Large
    Hot Day Dante- Hot Day's Turn
    Krown Rulers- Paper Chase
    Les Baby Love- Take Notes (Uptown version)
    Jewel T- I Like It Loud
    Kaos- What Have You Done Lately
    Eric B & Rakim- Lyrics Of Fury
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo- Death Wish
    Superlover Cee & Casanova Rudd- Come And Get Some
    Mikey D & The LA Posse- Listen To The Bass Line
    Hostyle- Hardcore
    Anquette- Ghetto Style
    2 Live Crew- What I Like
    Mersedes Crew- Frightening
    Rapmasters & DJ 2- Serve You Tough
    Skinny Boys- Straight to The Dome
    Kool Rock Brothers- See More
    Rock Hard Delegation- Just For The Audience
    Kid N Play- The Battle

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    moon base alpha
    DJ Muro 'Get On Your Knees & Dig - The Cheap Bins'

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    DJ Red Alert on WKRS Kiss FM,28th December 1990


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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Mike Zoot- Live And Stink
    Black Sheep- Similak Child (Homogonized extended remix)
    Casual- Rock On
    Constant Deviants- Competition Catch Speedknots
    Funkdoobiest- Freak Mode (Triple XXX remix)
    Breez Tha Evaflowin'- I Heard It
    Rasco- The Unassisted
    Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez- I Heard You Don't Know
    KRS One- Word Perfect
    Group Home- Up Against The Wall (Low Budget mix)
    Artifacts- It's Gettin' Hot (DJ Spinna remix)
    DJ Design- No Games
    Smut Peddlers- One By One
    Tha Alkaholiks- Pass Out
    The Beatnuts- One Third Of THe Trio
    Gza- Shadowboxin'
    Common- Resurrection (Extra P remix)
    INI- Fakin' Jax (Bop Ya Head remix)
    J Ro- Make It Happen
    Large Professor- Mad Scientist
    Outkast- Millenium
    Alley High- Voo Doo
    Dilated Peoples- Global Dynamics
    Stezo- Figure It Out
    Showbiz & AG- Next Level (Premier's Nytime Street remix)
    Mindspace- Who Got The Funk
    Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed- Gravity
    Black Eyed Peas- Falling Up
    Souls of Mischief- What A Way to Go Out
    Portishead- Sour Time (Lot More)

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    moon base alpha
    ^^ link sent me to 'generic 90's mix'

    which i'm enjoying btw thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    ^^ link sent me to 'generic 90's mix'

    which i'm enjoying btw thanks!
    Thatís the one, I seem to have missed off the first tracks from the tracklist....Kam/Diamond/Paula Perry/Milkbone/J Live

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    The Nonce- From The Ground Up
    Lord Sear- Hello
    Powerrule- Rock Ya Knot Quick
    Redman- I Don't Kare
    Mass Influence- Rhyme Placement
    Cyclops 4000- Space Cadillac
    Positive K- It's All Gravy
    The Cenobites- Kick A Dope Verse
    Craig G- Welcome To The Game
    King Just- No Flow On The Rodeo
    Craig Mack- Get Down
    Polyrhythm Addicts- Motion 2000 (remix)
    Bush Babees- The Love Song
    Natural Resource- I Love This World
    Aboriginals- Chemistry
    All Natural- 50 Years
    Shazam X- Bring Da Ruckus
    Troubleneck Brothers- Back To The Hip Hop
    A.D.O.R.- One For The Trouble (Dramapella)
    Channel Live- Mad Izm (Buckwild original remix)
    Master Ace Inc- Eastbound
    D Styles- Like That Chall
    Scaramanga- Death Letter (remix)
    Antipop Consortium- Laundry
    Masters At Work- Blood Vibes
    Supercat- Don Dada (remix)

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    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Henry Threadgill- I Can't Wait Till I Get Home
    Jerome Cooper Quintet- Monk Funk
    Dollar Brand- Tintyana, First Part
    Air- 80 Below 82
    David Murray- Namthini's Shadow
    Steve Lacy- Papa's Midnite Hop
    Matana Roberts- Amma Jerusalem School
    Charles Mingus- Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too
    Art Ensemble of Chicago- Charlie M
    Roland Kirk- Expansions
    Max Roach and Anthony Braxton- Spirit Possession
    Ornette Coleman- The Empty Foxhole
    James Tatum- Communion
    Muhal Richard Abrams- Miss Richarda
    John Tchicai- Hymn

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Black Moon- Murder MCs
    Nas- The World Is Yours (Tip mix)
    Big L- Put It On
    Smif N Wessun- Git It On
    The Khromozomes- Seein'
    Kwest Tha Madd Lad- Bludawnmeysneekhuz (Through Tha Eyez Of A Hood)
    Black Star- Police Brutality
    Del Tha Funky Homosapien- Eye Examination
    Ras T- Ill Nig
    Down South- Down South
    Funkdoobiest- Wopbapalubop (remix)
    Tha Alkaholiks- Can't Tell Me Shit
    Gang Starr- The Militia (Soul Brother remix)
    Mannish- Chain Letter
    MC Lyte- Kamikaze
    N.O.T.S Click- Larger Than Life
    World Reknown- Come Take A Ride
    Guru- Respect The Architect (remix)
    Mad Skillz- Conceited Bastard
    Nutsek- Mood
    Artifacts- To Ya Chest
    Onyx- Last Dayz
    Dilated Peoples- Work The Angles (remix)
    Al Tariq- Everybody's Talkin'

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    K Boss- Take No Prisoners
    Nuygen & Black- Gotham City
    Nice & Smooth- No Delayin'
    Rek Shit Rebulz- Start Sum Shit
    Quinton- Quinton's Here
    Common- Funky For you
    Seville- Take A Walk
    Lord Aaqil- Kick It Like Dis (DJ Ran's Raw mix)
    Gang Starr- Take It Personal
    MC Gee Que- A Strong Rhyme To Step To
    Heavy D & The Boys- The Overweight Lover's In The House
    Mister Master- Mister Master
    Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five- Piano
    Defari- Bottom Line
    Yaggfu Front- Slapping Suckas Silly
    Volume 10- A Real Freestyle
    Kenny Dope Presents The Mad Racket- Supa (bonus beats)
    Now Born Click- Now Born Soldiers
    King Just- Move On 'Em Stomp
    King Tee- Dippin'
    PHD- I'm Flippin' (remix)
    Craz- It's On
    Tim Dog- I'll Wax Anybody
    Black Moon- Who Got The Props
    Frankie The Pacemaker- Live And Die Reck Part 2



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