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    Need to order that Lewis 12", hope they've still got some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ijunor View Post
    The code goes in below choose your country before you checkout, I got my order today, shocked at how quick it arrived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    Nice, got my Lewis Parker 12" through today, thanks Dan!
    Thanks Stilts!

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    Fredfades "Warmth" LP
    Record Store Day - 22/04/17 - 12PM GMT

    We are releasing both the album and the instrumentals at the same time along with a deluxe bundle.


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    Sounds really nice, love the artwork too.

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    Had to cop the bundle (with t-shirt) - record store day fever!

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    Yeah, sounds really nice. Props. LP and some 7" action for me.
    beats like ice cream, rhymes are like sprinkles...

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    Welcoming and announcing the debut release of Magic In Threes on KingUnderground.

    Grab their 45 here >>

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    "A Breezy Day" from the Magic In Threes debut 45 on KingUnderground. Coming June 30.

    VINYL Pre-order >>
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