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    KingUnderground Thread

    UK exclusive release @ KingUnderground. We are honoured that Threshold Recordings contacted us direct to be the only UK store to carry this record!

    KutMasta Kurt brings it back to the essence of Hip-Hop Music (The Breaks) on this new (200 copies pressed) Limited Edition 10 track Instrumental album. Kurt dig's deep in his crates to create a Funky-Fresh album for B-Boy's/B-Girl's, Break Enthusiasts, and instrumental Hip-Hop lovers. Drum-Break Hip-Hop Vol.1 is pressed on Milky White Vinyl, individually Hand-Numbered & Autogaphed! Don't sleep...Grab yourself a copy before they're sold-out!



    if you want to pick one up then please CLICK HERE

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    MR BROWN 'Beats for Days' EP (Limited Edition Vinyl, Hand Numbered - 200 Copies)

    Mr Browns 'Beats 4 Days' is a 3 part instrumental series it does exactly what it says on the sleeve, 10 tracks of funky, dusty, boom bap instrumentals for your listening pleasure.

    Mr Brown, from the UK has been on the scene for a while now. The UK producer has worked with many artists over the years such as Copywrite (MHZ) Planet Asia (Cali Agents) MCM, C-Lone, Conflix & Logan to name a few.

    Mr Brown is a true disciple of digging for beats and largely draws inspiration from 90's hip hop, regarded by many as the golden years. "I'm not trying to change hip hop or set the scene on fire with some new style, I am a student of the hip hop greats, learning new things all the time and making music the way I like it."

    Expect plenty more from Mr Brown! Plus an exclusive KU release in 2011!

    To grab your self a copy or to check out the audio of this record then please CLICK HERE

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    nice nice!

    do you know when the Celph Titled wax and Roc Marce 2LP will be in stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raredave View Post
    nice nice!

    do you know when the Celph Titled wax and Roc Marce 2LP will be in stock?
    Yo, this is what we heard yesterday from our distro regarding the Celph Titled LP:

    Due to our distribution being short shipped on the original amount pressed of the Celph Titled / Buckwild LP's we are having to wait for them to get the full amount in. We have been told 2-3 weeks. Apologies for this. We will update you once we know more.

    So i'm hoping in the next few weeks on that one.... sorry to all those waiting for there pre-order!

    The Roc LP, there was a problem with the test presses so they have also been put back, the new release date for those is March 15th.

    Hope this helps

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    KingUnderground Introduction

    I've already introduced myself on the intro thread but just wanted to put a few words on our thread so if you don't know what we are all about @ kingUnderground then hopefully this will give you an idea.

    My name's Dan aka Pings, DJ/producer. I'm 27 and run www.KingUnderground.com an online hip hop store based in the United Kingdom.

    KingUnderground has been running for 5 years, I started it with a friend back in 2005. Unfortunately my friend/business partner decided he wanted to do other things with his life and left KU about a year after opening. I wanted to run a 'Stay True' hip hop shop (originally just strictly vinyl) and create a Fatbeats type UK store. I pretty much started KU at completely the wrong time as it seems hip hop went down hill a bit after 2005. I felt though that KingUnderground could hopefully help keep the scene alive. I'm not sure we have done that but I'd like to think we've played a part and are still adding to it.

    I've joined DWG forum for a couple of reasons one of them being I just like to keep updated with all the hip hop gossip and the other to let people know about KingUnderground.
    I'm not sure how many of you do know about KingUnderground but I'm not on here just to plug releases and make money, hopefully you can tell I'm a true hip hop head and I want to add to building the UK hip hop scene.

    It's very tough running an independent hip hop/record store and trying to survive is very tough at the moment. If you can come and check us out that would be appreciated big time, I'm also keen to know your likes and dislikes as well of KingUnderground and how we can make it better for you?

    Just to finish off you can download any of our FREE Podcasts here if you fancy a listen:


    Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you!

    Dan @ KingUnderground

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    Good lookin' Dan...keep it real!

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    Yo I want that Mr. Brown EP. DOPE! The Kutmasta Kurt record is aight. I kind of liked his first one better though, the one called, Beats From Nipon I think it was. I'm trying to order Mr. Brown though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinylAthletes View Post
    Yo I want that Mr. Brown EP. DOPE! The Kutmasta Kurt record is aight. I kind of liked his first one better though, the one called, Beats From Nipon I think it was. I'm trying to order Mr. Brown though.
    Yeh the Mr Brown record is really dope, can pick it up here if you want bro... www.KingUnderground.com


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    J ROCC 'Some Cold Rock Stuf' 3LP (Free Poster & Stickers)

    J ROCC 'Some Cold Rock Stuf' 3LP (Free Poster & Stickers) Stones Throw STH2233

    This is the debut album of original music from one of the original turntablists, the longtime DJ for Madlib and the late J Dilla, and Stones Throws pick for world’s greatest hip-hop DJ.

    But this is not a “DJ album”. Not a “beat album”. Not a mix tape. This is an original work of instrumental hip-hop ... electronic music ... dance music ... smoke tracks ... assorted cold rock stuff.

    Pre-order. The expected release date for this release is 08.03.11. We would expect to receive ours by 14.03.11 unless any further changes with the distribution or label.



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