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    Lewis Parker The Glass Ceiling 2LP Reissue >>
    with new cover art and a couple of different versions. We've got 100 on white vinyl - exclusively at KingUnderground & the rest in stores around the world.

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    New premiere & a cool interview with Magic In Threes by Music Is My Sanctuary - also win a 45 >>

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    Coming in 2018, an original drum break record played by Simon Allen of The New Mastersounds.
    We hired a studio with a vintage 50’s kit and 60’s recording equipment. All recorded to tape and then mastered.
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    "Simon Plays" - coming 13/04. An original drum break record by Simon Allen.
    Pre-order >>

    4/4 grooves and single hits of kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms and cymbals. Played on a vintage 50s kit and all recorded on 1960s analog recording gear onto 2" tape.



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