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    Some selects from "Hidden Cymbals" bass and drum library.

    Let us know what you think about the idea of creating library records full of samples, or would you be happy with them digitally?

    Vinyl | Digital

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    High Pulp - Bad Juice (Trailer)

    High Pulp - Bad Juice - album release date TBA.

    Originally released in 2018 as a small vinyl run but pulled because the band weren’t happy with some of the mixes. Deluxe 2LP on magenta & yellow transparent vinyl available soon. Next Friday, they drop the single “Hookai”.
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    High Pulp - Hookai

    From the album "Bad Juice" - release date TBA.

    The single is out today >>

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    Sounds nice.

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    High Pulp - Bad Juice 2LP

    High Pulp's album Bad Juice was originally released in 2018 as a private press. We remastered it and repressed a small run on pink & yellow 2LP (just 200 copies), which is only available at KU & Mr Bongo.

    High Pulp are an 8-piece band that emerged from the Royal Room, a legendary Seattle Jazz club where they held “Funk Church” jam sessions in 2017. Their signature sound is a Psychedelic fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul which come together with complex, well thought out arrangements and progressive style. After successful sessions and premieres with prestigious station KEXP, and being at the forefront of the Seattle music scene.

    Learn more >

    Buy >

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