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    BEYOND DA ORDER 'The Lost Kron-I-Kulz' EP Wayback Records WBR001 £18.49

    444 hand numbered copies only and issued with a sticker cover.

    After putting out unreleased material from Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth, Sport “G” & Mastermind and Sons Of Sam Vinyl Addicts now present a top notch release from Brooklyn’s best kept secret, Beyond Da Order on their new imprint Wayback Records.

    Back in ’94 this duo – consisting of emcees Wonder and Valentino, released a three track 12” titled 'Red Enuff', their only release up until now. The five tracks on WBR001 were recorded prior to this release and have that ruff and rugged NYC flavor from the early to mid 90s that every supporter of real hip-hop likes.

    All songs produced by Andre Norfleet
    Co-produced by Ishmael Allen
    Recorded by Ishmael Allen at Midi Mania Studio, Brooklyn, NY
    Mixed by Ishmael Allen and Andre Norfleet at Midi Mania Studio, Brooklyn, NY
    Mastered by Dennis Mitchell at Stone Brown Studio, Brooklyn, NY

    Label: Wayback Records
    Catalogue: WBR001
    Format: EP (Vinyl, Limited to 444 copies, hand numbered)
    Country: Netherlands
    Released: 2011
    Genre: Hip Hop
    Producer: Andre Norfleet

    To cop one of these please CLICK HERE

    Track Listing (Audio Snippets)

    Time 4 Ya Squad 2 Move
    Keep On Doin’ It
    Buck ‘Em

    Power To The Mack
    Gimi Mine

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    KingUnderground Introduction

    I've already introduced myself on the intro thread but just wanted to put a few words on our thread so if you don't know what we are all about @ kingUnderground then hopefully this will give you an idea.

    My name's Dan aka Pings, DJ/producer. I'm 27 and run www.KingUnderground.com an online hip hop store based in the United Kingdom.

    KingUnderground has been running for 5 years, I started it with a friend back in 2005. Unfortunately my friend/business partner decided he wanted to do other things with his life and left KU about a year after opening. I wanted to run a 'Stay True' hip hop shop (originally just strictly vinyl) and create a Fatbeats type UK store. I pretty much started KU at completely the wrong time as it seems hip hop went down hill a bit after 2005. I felt though that KingUnderground could hopefully help keep the scene alive. I'm not sure we have done that but I'd like to think we've played a part and are still adding to it.

    I've joined DWG forum for a couple of reasons one of them being I just like to keep updated with all the hip hop gossip and the other to let people know about KingUnderground.
    I'm not sure how many of you do know about KingUnderground but I'm not on here just to plug releases and make money, hopefully you can tell I'm a true hip hop head and I want to add to building the UK hip hop scene.

    It's very tough running an independent hip hop/record store and trying to survive is very tough at the moment. If you can come and check us out that would be appreciated big time, I'm also keen to know your likes and dislikes as well of KingUnderground and how we can make it better for you?

    Just to finish off you can download any of our FREE Podcasts here if you fancy a listen:


    Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you!

    Dan @ KingUnderground

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    CELPH TITLED & BUCKWILD 'Nineteen Ninety Now' 2LP No Sleep Recordings I-NSR006

    A lot of people have been asking about the release date of the Celph Titled & Buckwild LP.

    Here's a little update:

    After being told last week that ''Due to our distribution being short shipped on the original amount pressed we are having to wait for them to get the full amount in. Meaning delays of 2-3 weeks.''

    We have now been informed they will be shipping on the 2nd of March so we hope to have ours by the 8th or 9th all being well. We can never guarantee this as there are often delays with vinyl pressings.

    if you want to pick one up then please CLICK HERE
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    DXA 'DXA vs The Rhythmonster' EP DXA Records Dxa005

    DXA 'DXA vs The Rhythmonster' EP

    Produced on the Emu-Systems SP12 and features Too Deep, Llingo Apt, Lu..Rreals, Osa, Meta, and Icerocks.

    D.X.A. are making it happen on from the tip of the BX to the congested streets of Manhattan. The group began in the earlier days with a love for graffiti art and hand styles. The acronym D.X.A was created & stands for Dirty Xplicit Artists or Droppin Xplicit Artwork.

    Please CLICK HERE to pick one up for yourself or just to check out the AUDIO

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    BENEFICENCE 'Sidewalk Science' LP (WIN A SET OF HEADPHONES) Ill Adrenaline IAR-070-00


    WIN A SET OF HEADPHONES WORTH £40-£60! The first 30 customers to pre-order the Beneficence 'Sidewalk Science' LP will be entered into a draw to win a set of brand new Sennheiser PX 200 headphones! More details coming soon.

    Ill Adrenaline records are kindly offering the first 20 customers that purchase this record a bio sheet & a signed photo of Beneficence, these offers are exclusive to KingUnderground & Ill Adrenaline.

    Beneficence, Brick City's veteran lyricist and Artifacts affiliate, has been one of the most active independent artists in the game since 1994. He released two highly sought after vinyl singles ("Hostile Life Style" and "Thin Line") in the 90's and dropped three underrated albums with the help from El Da Sensei, DJ Kaos (Artifacts), Mr. Len (Company Flow), Kice of Course and others.

    Beneficence's 4th full length boasts star-studded guest appearances from Diamond D (production on three tracks plus one vocal feature), Roc Marciano, Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion), Lord Tariq, Rob-O (Pete Rock / INI), The Legion, DJ LKB, Kazi (Stones Throw / Madlib), El Da Sensei, Truth Enola, Presto, 12 Finger Dan and Frank Nitt (of Frank-N-Dank). CD contains additional tracks.

    Showing lyrical prowess in various styles, the album covers an array of bangers from rough and rugged street anthems like "Bare Knuckle" or "Aim, Fire, Spit" to soulful and conscious joints like "The Essence." Complete with a golden era feel and urban intelligence, "Sidewalk Science" is a sure return to the lost and appreciated boom bap sound of the 90's.

    Please CLICK HERE to order your copy.

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    TALIB KWELI 'Gutter Rainbows' 2LP (Random Coloured Vinyl) 3D I-3D2215

    TALIB KWELI 'Gutter Rainbows' 2LP

    As a boy growing up in Brooklyn, Kweli saw gutters that ran with dirt, oil and water, revealing a shimmering rainbow to his child’s eyes. Drawing its title from this memory, this album puts at the raw center what his music has been doing for years: finding and preserving the beautiful in the hideous; the rainbows in the gutter. Weaving the lyrical and the gritty, the autobiographical with an honest, no-holdsbarred hip-hop spirit; Kweli sticks fiercely to what feels true to him in creating the sound of this album. Without being tied to any particular label’s conception of what his sound should be or when his work should hit his fans, Kweli is free to build his most personal album yet in both content and motivation. Kweli’s true solo career has only just begun, and although the future holds more collaboration, “Gutter Rainbows” marks a new stage in the long and ever-evolving career of Talib Kweli.

    This release, recorded on his time and with his talent as the driving force, proves Kweli is a complete and formidable musician—it presents the depth and breadth of hisexperience and ability.

    “Gutter Rainbows” was recorded with the help of incredibly talented musicians from across the country. Eric Krasno, Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Iron Solomon, Outasight, Kendra Ross, Sean Price, 88-Keys, Marco Polo, Ski Beatz, M-Phazes, S-1, E. Jones, Oh No and others make appearances

    Label: 3D
    Catalogue: I-3D2215
    Format: 2XLP
    Country: US
    Released: 2010
    Producer: Oh No, Marco Polo, Ski Beats and more.
    Condition: New / Sealed

    Track Listing

    After The Rain
    Gutter Rainbows
    So Low
    Palookas feat. Sean Price
    Mr. International feat. Nigel Hall
    I’m On One
    Wait For You feat. Kendra Ross
    Ain’t Waiting feat. Outasight
    Cold Rain
    Friends & Family
    Tater Tot
    How You Love Me feat. BlaqT oven
    Uh Oh feat. Jean Grae
    Self Savior feat. Chace Infinite

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    KingUnderground Podcast Vol.5 FREE DOWNLOAD!

    FREE DOWNLOAD! Mixed by Pings.

    Here's a free mix tape featuring some of the best independent hip hop from the last few years with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

    New Podcast coming soon!

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    MF DOOM 'Complete Deluxe Reissue'

    You could say Doom was milking it but what a great release? Pre-Sale begins very soon @ KingUnderground!

    As Stones Throw announced back in January, DOOM's own label Metalface Records is releasing the first complete & remastered version of OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, containing:

    * The original album
    * Alternate versions
    * B-sides and instrumentals - 42 tracks total
    * Brand new artwork

    Two deluxe, metal formats:

    2/CD LUNCHBOX and 4/LP METALBOX each contain a 32-page lyric book and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs.

    The 4/LP METAL BOX will be released later in Spring 2011.

    1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit) 2:04
    2. Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 4:58
    3. Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber Slice 4:19
    4. The Finest feat. Tommy Gunn 4:01
    5. Back In The Days (Skit) 0:45
    6. Go With The Flow 3:37
    7. Tick, Tick... feat. MF Grimm 4:05
    8. Red And Gold feat. King Ghidra 4:43
    9. The Hands Of Doom (Skit) 1:50
    10. Who You Think I Am? feat. K.D., King Ghidra, Kong, Megalon, Rodan, X-Ray 3:24
    11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit) 1:13
    12. Hey! 3:47
    13. Operation: Greenbacks feat. Megalon 3:46
    14. The Mic feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 3:02
    15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit) 0:22
    16. Dead Bent 2:22
    17. Gas Drawls 3:43
    18. ? feat. Kurious 3:09
    19. Hero v.s. Villain (Epilogue) feat. E. Mason 2:56

    Disc Two - Instrumentals, Alt. Versions, B-Sides:
    1. Dead Bent (Original 12" Version) 3:15
    2. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Version) 3:59
    3. Hey! (Original 12" Version) 4:08
    4. Greenbacks (Original 12" Version) 3:57
    5. Go With The Flow feat. Sci.Fly (Original 12" Version) 3:41
    6. Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes) 3:42
    7. I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:50
    8. I Hear Voices Pt. 2 feat. MF Grimm (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:06
    9. Tick, Tick (Original 12" Main Mix Version) 4:24
    10. ? (Extended Raw Rhymes Version) 3.45
    11. Dead Bent (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:16
    12. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:51
    13. Hey! (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:54
    14. Greenbacks (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:56
    15. The Mic (Original 12" Instrumental) 3:03
    16. Red and Gold (Original 12" Instrumental) 5:07
    17. I Hear Voices (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:06
    18. Doomsday (Instrumental) 4:58
    19. Rhymes Like Dimes (Instrumental) 2:10
    20. The Finest (Instrumental) 4:55
    21. The Hands of Doom (Instrumental) 2:02
    22. Who You Think I Am (Instrumental) 2:08
    23. ? (Instrumental) 2:35

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    VIKTOR VAUGHN 'Vaudeville Villain' DELUXE EDITION 3XLP £28.99

    You could say Doom was milking now!? Though this looks like another very nice release. The original pressing for this release was 1000 copies, one day later it's bumped up to 1500 copies due to popular demand.

    Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) - Vaudeville Villain Gold Edition

    2xLP + Gold Vinyl Bonus LP
    Instrumentals and accapellas
    LIMITED TO 1500

    The classic Vaudeville Villain, now in a limited edition, hand numbered, Gold Edition! Contains a bonus gold-colored LP with instrumentals and accapellas, including the very rare "Saliva" instrumental produced by RJD2. The original artwork comes with gold tinted lettering, and also includes two tracks only previously released on the CD version - Open Mic Night and Change the Beat. All packaged in a thick clear plastic jacket.[/COLOR]

    To pre-order @ this product please CLICK HERE
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