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    DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK 'When Winter Comes' (Feat. Buff 1) 7'' DWG

    To pick up one of these or just to listen to the audio please CLICK HERE

    Winter Comes' was a lost gem that never saw the light as an official vinyl release. It was lost without being mixed and mastered but due to the popularity of the joint, Diggers With Gratitude aka DWG had the duo get back into the studio to rerecord this track. The 7'' also includes a brand new joint called 'Truly Get Yours'. Limited edition vinyl!

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    GANGRENE 'Gutter Water' 2LP

    This very nice project from Oh No & The Alchemist will be back in stock very soon!

    In stock friday 11.03.11
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    NATURAL YOGURT BAND 'Tuck In With...' 2X10'' Now-Again

    In association with Jazzman Reords & proud to offer you more quirky, psychedelic "music library" vibes from your favorite band with the weirdest name. Do yourself a favor and Tuck In With... the sophmore effort from the Natural Yogurt Band.

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    Here's a little promo edit our good friends @ Dephect made for Mr Brown to help promote his new EP; Beats For Days.

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    Is there any chance of you including prices on your posts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by fecam View Post
    Is there any chance of you including prices on your posts?

    yeah that would be useful Dan.



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    Quote Originally Posted by fecam View Post
    Is there any chance of you including prices on your posts?

    Yes sir! Will do from now on.


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    DJ Pings - Dephect Profile

    The homies @ Dephect Clothing have very kindly put up a profile for the Managing Director of KingUnderground, myself 'Pings' - There are a few beats on there to listen to and a little scratch thing I did too for those that are interested. Check out dephect.com and cop some garms!

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    FRESH SKI & MO ROCK 'The Coarse Selectors' EP Diggers With Gratitude DWG010 14.99

    We managed to secure the last few copies of the FRESH SKI & MO ROCK 'The Coarse Selectors' EP here @ KingUnderground.

    If you wanna cop one we have some for 14.99 @ www.KingUnderground.com please CLICK HERE

    Limited pressing of 350 copies only.

    Diggers With Gratitude (in conjunction with Conscious Music and Suspect Packages) are extremely proud to present Fresh Ski & Mo Rocks previously unreleased 'The Coarse Selectors E.P.'. All tracks on the record were recorded in 1988 89, there are 4 vocal cuts and 5 instrumentals. 'Incredible' and 'Mind Positive' are the alternative / original versions and are previously unreleased.

    This North London duo previously released 'Talking Pays' B/W 'Pick Up On This' 12 in 1989 on the 'Tuff Groove' label, two years later they followed this up with 'The Long Awaited Paroxysm E.P.' on their own Conscious Music imprint both of these releases are highly sought after.

    Fresh Ski was heavily involved in the 80s hip hop scene and is still respected as one of the best MCs of the era, whilst producer Mo Rock is acknowledged as one of the original crate diggers insisting that all samples used must be original no overused breaks here!

    DWG are already well known for excavating the highest quality U.S. hip hop tracks, this U.K. release is no different and will appeal to all supporters of the authentic hip hop sound.

    Track List (Audio Snippets)

    Side A

    All In The Mind (intro)
    Come Along (vocal)
    Come Along (instrumental)
    Down To The A.M. (vocal)
    Down To The A.M. (instrumental)

    Side B

    Incredible (vocal)
    Incredible (instrumental)
    Mind Positive (vocal)
    Mind Positive (instrumental)

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    BLU 'Amnesia' (Limited Edition Vinyl) 10" Nature Sounds ep-NSD43 12.99

    Los Angeles MC/producer Blu will finally be releasing his love-themed concept album Her Favorite Colo(u)r in high-quality, mastered audio this spring. Since releasing the acclaimed collaboration Below The Heavens with producer Exile, Blu has been named "Rookie Of The Year" by HipHopDX, selected as a top freshman by XXL, and signed to Warner Brothers for his forthcoming major label debut. To get fans excited for Her Favorite Colo(u)r, Blu is happy to announce a special limited-edition EP on 10" vinyl featuring music from HFC as well as previously unreleased material.

    This collectible 7-track EP, titled Amnesia, is sure to please Blu & burgeoning fanbase. On tracks like the HFC standout "Amnesia" and the never-before-released "Amnesia(Rewind)", the SoCal native explores the complexities of love and relationships while his own understated production sets the mood. The collection also features previously-unavailable instrumentals, showcasing Blu's skills behind the boards.

    If you want to pick yourself up a copy then we have some for 12.99 @ www.KingUnderground.com please CLICK HERE / Limited stock on these but a repress in few weeks.



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