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    Super-limited yellow DWG tees! - ALL SOLD OUT!

    Back when we were deciding which tees to print up, I got a few different samples done to see what they looked like. Amongst the weirdness, we almost went with a full run of these nice golden yellow ones, but the screeners didn't have enough stock of the blanks, so we couldn't do many.

    The few that we did do ended up as 'Crew' tees. I've been trawling my flat recently to find bits to sell and I found the last few of these sat in a drawer. There's only a Medium, two XLs one XL and one XXL available, but I thought I'd post them on here in case anyone fancied grabbing one.

    Here they are on the DWG store: DWG yellow super-limited tees

    We might have some more tees printed one day, but it'll be a while off yet, as we're focused on the Phill Most release for the foreseeable future!

    Thanks for the support.
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    All gone now: big thanks to all who placed orders: Thirsty, Adee, Magnus and Daniel. Much appreciated guys.

    The last two will be in the mail tomorrow morning!



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