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    Suggestions for new DWG projects

    Not sure if this is really a new thread, didn't check all the other threads...
    But maybe us DWG Warriors can offer some suggestions for future DWG projects/collabos etc.?

    If I may I'd like to start off by suggesting to unearth RC NUCLEUS to see if he recorded any more gems other than that release on EMF Records?

    'Cuz, although not really rare (if that's a criterium), I think this record epitomizes Random Rap and is hella DOPE. All three cuts are simply amazing, especially 'Liquid Music'...! Dope beats, dope-ass lyrics and tight production, what more can you wish for? Besides, I think it's a shame that artists like RC (but we can all name dozens like him) never got their shine...!!

    I actually tried to get hold of RC some years ago, just to see what he's up to and perhaps hoping that he's got some unreleased stuff somewhere. So I got in touch with producer Anthony Moody (aka D-MOET of KING SUN, X-CALIBUR (but also NAS) fame, among others). However, he lost track of RC NUCLEUS and didn't seem too anxious to help find him. He told me he'd moved on, becoming the very succesful producer he is now.
    So, I guess that was a dead end. Don't know if the guys at DWG wanna pick up where I left, but I'd love to hear other suggestions for future DWG projects. And, perhaps one day there will be another release by one of our long lost 'heroes'...?!

    Peace out,
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