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    definitely in the past...
    It sounds like a no brainer D. I have really missed the Pioneers Hip Hop Show... never caught your Cold Crush show... face book ? Not my thing.
    please let it roll ... get bold ... back on Kane FM ..
    beats like ice cream, rhymes are like sprinkles...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickeredsteve View Post
    Good lord 🤯🤯

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    Had this great experience when I received a 7" of Symphony (Remix) / Wrack It.
    Started the record and a country sample turned on ... I was like "oh didn't know the remix has a country style intro". Then the drums set in and I was like "huh .. ohh no !!! now that country singer starts singing".

    In fact a mispress, Cold Chillin labels on a country record.
    Run-out: 7-27567 SH-I QR-22370 (TRIANGLE) 23903
    Dwight Yoakum - I got you

    A story to never forget, my face must have looked too funny in that moment.
    I returned the record and got my money back even if some might think "that's a collectors item"
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    Haha!! The horrors!!!!

    I still dream of finding instrumental versions / show vinyl versions inside records.
    think Drewhuge told a story about finding the Vaginer Diner Instrumentals like that once.



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