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    Quick note to anyone who ordered something: everything's packaged and will be in the system tomorrow via registered mail.

    Big thanks to all of you who have picked something up

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    ahh, that PMC! need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by psk View Post
    ahh, that PMC! need it
    i know me too, at this stage if i had 500 notes, i'd deffo blow it on that.

    i kick myself regularly 0for not purchasing it at the time, considering the amount of money i've spent since on lesser limited pieces

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    sweet. all good for late comers like me but u got the one test im after... nice...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian View Post
    sweet. all good for late comers like me but u got the one test im after... nice...!
    Thank you for your order Ian – it'll be in the post on Monday, by recorded delivery.

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    eyo chris

    nice on this...!

    rcvd & tops as expected...!

    many thanks


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    Thanks Ian!

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    * Xmas DWG Store Update! *


    We've just added a couple of items to the store.

    First 10 orders from forum members will get some Emskee stickers thrown in as well!

    Thanks for looking.

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    Get in there, Del!

    I thought that might disappear quickly!

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    correct mate,

    ive recently made a promise to myself not to fuck around when i see something that is difficult to source,

    my new motto is

    "see the fucker, buy it pronto"

    fed up twazzing things up for myself by pussy footing about with things saying will i wont i, maybe tomorrow, then going to buy it and its away,

    so this new attitude will assure i get the goodies i want more often whilst also fucking up my cash flow forever more !

    not to worry , its only candy, and i got a book ive been after for yonks

    thanks for the opperchance-ity Chris, dope

    nice 1

    cos im a be a DWG'er for life
    remixes - www.myspace.com/soulcondor



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