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    BIG store update earlier this week, in case you missed it. Went deep into my record archives and loosened a few older releases from their constraints.

    Enter the discount code AUGUST2012 when checking out and get 10% off all orders over 100 – and all orders over 10.00 will get a free bonus sticker pack by way of thanks.

    Offers end 14th August 2012 – offer exclusive to the DWG store and not the DWG018/019 pop-up store.

    Get wise to the exercise over here: http://store.diggerswithgratitude.com

    All latest orders went out yesterday afternoon. Next postal session will be on Monday or Tuesday.

    Thank you to everyone who's bought something.

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    All recent orders will be in the mail tomorrow morning: apologies for the delay.
    I had to wait for poster tubes and other stuff before I could get these out



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