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    BIG store update earlier this week, in case you missed it. Went deep into my record archives and loosened a few older releases from their constraints.

    Enter the discount code AUGUST2012 when checking out and get 10% off all orders over 100 – and all orders over 10.00 will get a free bonus sticker pack by way of thanks.

    Offers end 14th August 2012 – offer exclusive to the DWG store and not the DWG018/019 pop-up store.

    Get wise to the exercise over here: http://store.diggerswithgratitude.com

    All latest orders went out yesterday afternoon. Next postal session will be on Monday or Tuesday.

    Thank you to everyone who's bought something.

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    All recent orders will be in the mail tomorrow morning: apologies for the delay.
    I had to wait for poster tubes and other stuff before I could get these out

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    It seems im years to late to grab some unique haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwuvvwuu View Post
    It seems im years to late to grab some unique haha
    Nah, Shaker still has some Untouchable and Die Hard 7"s


    and Juno have Pure Dynamite still in stock




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