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    You got it monnezza.
    We're used to hearing 'unreleased gem' from DWG and are rewarded with killer rare joints that are as advertised. Not all labels operate from the point of view of the fan - most operate from the point of view of raking in the loot and jumping on anything that looks like a good angle to get more sales.

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    The long-awaited TDS Mob remixes project is wrapped up and being mastered as I type, so that should be hitting the platters in early 2012: huge thanks to those who contributed to this (you guys are gonna BUG out to some of the heat on here!). There's something nice coming for instrumental fans too... but before both of those, we're hoping to have something extra dope to announce just in time to go under your Christmas trees. No tricks!

    When are DWG announcing their next release / pre-sales?

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    And can i get the test presses & extra stickers to please



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