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    Exclamation DWG Summer Gathering : Devon Friday 22 June 2012

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    Rare Dave, Mr. Cro, Emskee and myself did a test run last summer – here's a quick visual summary of the excursion.


    We liked it so much we decided to head back again this year...

    ...expect big things this summer for our first official DWG party (in conjunction with the Marisco Club's 45th anniversary). Special guests from the U.S., DJ sets from some of our good friends, drunken camp-fire activities, plenty of alcohol, lots of girls (Woolacombe is a bit of surf town and the girls turn up in full force!) and a lot more (possibly including something super-special for your turntables! Shhhh...).

    Friday 22nd
    June 2012

    is the key date to stick in the calendar. Woolacombe is in Devon, in the south-west area of the UK: location here. Rinse your sleeping bag off and book your flights ASAP!

    We will be camping nearby between Thursday 21st - Saturday 23rd June, so there should be time to catch up for a BBQ, beers etc.

    More details to follow as soon as we have them.
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    ... there is no real dresscode in this place as you can see from the pic above with the storm trooper!

    we may be providing some kind of DWG tee shirt in advance, so watch this space...



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    to everyone,

    if you are coming to Woolacombe please drop us an email here:




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    Just had a great conversation with Emskee - he and Saint are really looking forward to the gig, they definitely appreciate that people are travelling from all over the country on the 22nd!

    ...oh and if you are attending a DJ Format gig in Vienna this weekend you will probably hear 'Marisco' played off his test pressing.




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