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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial_Mao View Post
    Iím not sure I believe their explanation as they seem to miss out the fact they have increased the number of units sold, I think the initial pressings were 300 copies and they are easily more than 3 times that now ! Itís only a matter of time until the hype bubble bursts though and they are obviously making hay whilst the sun shines.
    i did think that, but also didnít want to risk my records not turning up, so didnít push it any further

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    Quote Originally Posted by manphat View Post
    i did think that, but also didn’t want to risk my records not turning up, so didn’t push it any further
    Thanks for the update manphat... I only copped (well the missus did while I was at work!) this release for the amazing Mr Krum ‘plate’ design... I’m also struggling to believe the explanation and this is the last straw for me with this label and I’m out for future releases.

    As Stilts previously stated, props for creating a successful label and putting out some dope records, but heads will not continue to be ripped off and they are playing a dangerous game. I think the hype bubble has already burst judging by the amount of unsold Daupe records on Discogs (Fuck you flippers!)...

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    Popped into Phonica whilst in London on Saturday.
    I was operating on very little sleep, just about functioning but my brain power wasnt at it best (and when it is at its best its not that good).
    Choose a couple of records (*they were behind the counter so were not priced up) and went to pay for them.
    The guy told me how much the cost of the two records was and it didn't sound right, as I knew one of the records was around £9 and one was around £17, but being half alseep I just paid thinking I must be wrong about the price.

    The following day when I had a bit more brain power I checked the receipt and the price of the records, Phonica did nothing wrong in that they charged me the correct price for the records but I will be very careful in the future when shopping there as one of the records cost £26 at Phonica, and the reason the price seemed high to me is that it was £16 at Juno!
    This is a new release out last week and Phonica are charging £10 more than Juno for it.
    Im a free market kind of guy and if Phonica can charge that much more and get away with it more power to them but I wont be caught again.

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    Discogs buyers that don't leave feedback.

    I have 50 orders where no feedback was left and I only have 94 other ratings.

    These weirdos might be costing me sales!
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    ^I've made it a point to copy paste this into every shipping notification every time I sell a record...

    "Tracking number: ---- Thanks for buying from me, I Hope you enjoy your record. If you are satisfied with the condition of the record and transaction in general once it arrives don't forget to leave positive feedback. If you have any issues with the order please contact me any time."

    That seems to help prompt people to get off their ass and say something since it only takes 2 seconds. I have about 20 or so sales from people that can't be bothered, that's just how some people are I guess.

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    Good advice rchecka, think ill adopt that idea.
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