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    Exclamation DWG013: Latee 'Who Rips The Sound?' SOLD OUT - ALL RECORDS SHIPPED

    We're excited to announce our latest release by Latee - one of the original Flavor Unit MCs!


    DWG013 - Latee 'Who Rips The Sound?'
    (275 hand-numbered copies/stickered sleeve/one sheet)

    The first 110 copies are on red vinyl (one per order).
    ALL direct DWG orders will receive an exclusive press photo.

    30.00 GBP + shipping & handling


    Track List

    Side A
    A1 – ‘Intro’
    A2 – ‘Who Rips the Sound?’ (featuring Prince Naiquan and E Marvellous)
    A3 – ‘Interlude #1’
    A4 – ‘Not My Style’
    A5 – ‘Interlude #2’

    Side B
    B1 – ‘Interlude #3’
    B2 – ‘Brainstorm’ (Original Version)
    B3 – ‘Interlude #4’
    B4 – ‘Hardtimes’
    B5 – ‘Outro’

    (the vocal and interlude beats were produced by a selection of established and legendary producers: we'll shed more light on this in our forthcoming interview with Latee)


    - the first 100 orders from DWG will get a red vinyl copy (1 per order).
    - all direct DWG orders will get an exclusive press photo.
    - the records will ship during w/c 23rd April - if this changes we will let you know here.
    - this record will also be available at select record stores in Germany, Japan, UK & NYC.
    - the EP contains 4 previously unreleased full-length vocal tracks, as well as 6 interlude beats.
    - the tracks were recorded around 1992-93 for Latee's debut album on Flavor Unit/Epic Records.

    How To Order

    Go to our dedicated store to buy the record! The link is below:


    All Latee related queries or wholesale order enquiries should be directed to:


    What's The Cost?

    30.00 GBP per copy + shipping & handling (rates listed below)

    Shipping Rates

    We ship 1st class/airmail as standard: buyers can (and are strongly advised to) add registered shipping when ordering.

    Important: we CANNOT be held responsible for any missing orders if the registered shipping option is not selected!

    1 record = 3.00 GBP
    2 records = 4.00 GBP
    3 records = 5.00 GBP
    4 records = 6.00 GBP

    1 record = 5.00 GBP
    2 records = 6.00 GBP
    3 records = 7.00 GBP
    4 records = 8.00 GBP

    Rest of World (USA / Japan / Australia)
    1 record = 7.00 GBP
    2 records = 9.50 GBP
    3 records = 12.00 GBP
    4 records = 14.50 GBP

    Latee - The Original Flavor Unit MC

    Latee is one of those rappers with a limited, but impressive back catalogue of certified classic hip-hop tunes, starting with his early 12"s on Wild Pitch - 'This Cut's Got Flavor'/'Puttin' On The Hits' (1987) and 'No Tricks'/'Wake Up' (1988), produced by the legendary Mark The 45 King.

    The '80s and early '90s saw Latee limited by his contract with Wild Pitch which subdued his rapping career, but didn't stop his passion for hip-hop culture. Around 1992, Latee recorded a selection of demos intended for his debut album on Flavor Unit (through a distribution deal with Epic). Only one of these tracks saw the light of day: 'Let Yourself Go', which ended up on the 'Flava Unit' compilation. Latee acted as A&R for Latifah's Flavor Unit and remained heavily involved behind the scenes during this period.

    Latee remained close to his Flavor Unit family and made a rare appearance on Apache's (R.I.P.) album track 'Woodchuck'. One of the 1992 demo tracks was 'Brainstorm': Latee re-recorded this for a 45 King EP released around 1993 (now considered a classic following its inclusion on mixes such as DJ Ivory's 'Hear No Evil'). Another notable mix included the remix of 'No Tricks', featured on DJ Shadow's '4-Track Era Remixes' CD. Look this one up if you haven't heard it before...

    The most recently-recorded track by Latee was 'Lati Rocks The Bells', released with 45 King on the Blazin' label in the early 2000s. With the slow-paced tempo and xylophone/vibes, in many ways this sounded like 'Brainstorm - Part 2'.

    Thanks to all our supporters, and Scott, Janae, Naiquan and Latee for making this release happen!
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    A quick update...

    Sales on this release has been amazing! A massive thanks to everyone who has ordered.

    Red copies are now sold out.

    The Latee E-blast will be sent later today or early Wednesday (please read this even if you bought the record... important info inside).

    There are under 100 black copies left, these will probably be sold out by Friday.


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    under 90 copies left now... e-blast to be sent today (I think)

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    under 40 left now...
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    7 left... this will be gone today
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    The record is now SOLD OUT within a week!

    Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Latee, and DWG for this release!

    I should also add that due to our BigCartel store literally being overloaded on the Monday announcement night we oversold the red vinyl by 10 copies, don't worry everyone who ordered red will get red!

    Just to be clear:

    numbers 1 - 110 are on RED vinyl
    numbers 111 - 275 are on BLACK vinyl

    Next up....TRIPLE THREAT

    DWG014: ???????
    DWG015: TDS Mob 'DWG Remix EP' (pic sleeve)
    DWG016/017: ???????



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    stickers and press photos are here... everything is running to plan

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