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    record is in manufacture, should get them in about 2 weeks to enable shipping to start w/c 23rd as planned!

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    wax is due to land next week, so we should be able to start shipping as planned!

    any questions please email latee@diggerswithgratitude.com



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    isn't she lovely... shipping starts over the next couple of days.

    we'll be shipping out in the order we got your orders...

    any questions big or small please email latee@diggerswithgratitude.com - we always reply!

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    ....Sunday lunchtime, managed to cause chaos in the local Waitrose post office, all in the name of DWG!

    We've shipped out pretty much all of the overseas non-EU packages so as to avoid the HEAVY price increase tomorrow.

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    All records should be shipped out by the end of the week, another batch are going out today!

    I've opened this thread up so that people can reply now... be good to have some feedback as they arrive at peoples doors.



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    Props to Rarity David for his efforts in getting this one out there: literally months of late-night calls to the US, running around preparing things and now the long process of packaging and shipping have brought this to your turntables.

    Amazing to see that this went from a DWG forum post in September 2008 through to a fully authorised DWG vinyl release in collaboration with Latee himself in 2012.

    Massive thanks to Scott for his help in getting this onto wax for everyone – and Prince Naiquan for his assistance in liaising with Latee for us.

    Now, where's the postman?

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    wow Sunday post office is next level, could do with one of those. Looking forward to this landing!

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    ^ try Waitrose or Tesco, the larger stores usually have a Sunday Post Office.



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