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    ...awesome...thanks for the heads up!...

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    This is one of the crown jewels of my tape collection - glad to see that it's finally coming out on vinyl. They also have some great demos and hard-to-find tracks from 1992-1997 that I'd like to see compiled for a limited release -

    Welcome To The Rubberoom
    What's Your Alibi
    Bouncin' Off The Walls
    Claimin' Victims
    Shade Remix
    White Hot Razors
    Street Theme

    And whatever else is in the vaults. I'm sure there's plenty.

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    ...fyi: hhv has the record in stock now...

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    Last night I got this straight from the source! (producers the Opus) I guess 7 years later you can mark this topic as "resolved!"

    American buyers can save a lot in shipping if they buy direct. I think they are adding it to the rubberoom bandcamp page but I just bought my pair via paypal direct from @theopus1 on Instagram. If you private message him he's got them now. (< Scratch that he's sold out of his own copies, cop yours at HHV.de)

    Regarding the sound quality HHV.de really did a great job on this sound quality. Fat heavy beats spread across 2 LPs. Bonus instrumentals are on the D Side. I heard this album a few times online but nothing really beats fat widely spaced grooves so I really had no idea how hard this album was till I heard it last night. So Rubberoom Opus fans don't hesitate to buy this it's really dope. I tried a few times to buy the cassette on Ebay years ago and lucky for me I lost the bid so I guess good things come to those who wait!

    Mission accomplished over and out.
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