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    Brown Wax


    Brilliant bundle, and I got a BROWN one, im well happy with that!!!!!
    All sounding so good, love it.
    Still got a bit of catching up to do on the DWG wax but im getting there.

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    Just want to say what a frickin' class bundle the Triple Threat is. I was away on hols when it arrived, and finally collected it the other day. Seriously, such fantastic work from you all.

    Jorun, your 12s are ruddy sick. Sooooo good. Seriously looking forward to your new sheez.

    The Sputnik Brown 12 is a thing of beauty: musically and braaaaahn-wax-ally.

    And the TDS remixes... ALL are bleedin' FIYAAAAH.

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    ^ Great feedback! Thanks Billy, Skilla and everyone else!

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    thanks guys! i'm just reading the thread now and catching up with all the feedback



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