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    A gentle reminder!

    Anyone promoting a personal project on here will need to send a copy to EACH of us here at DWG as a courtesy.

    As we're pushing business your way, and effectively giving you free advertising space, we think that sending out three promo copies is reasonable.

    Planning a project that you'd like to promote to our supportive and dedicated community? Factoring in three extra copies when you book the pressing run is literally going to cost you a few extra dollars/Euros/quid.

    In return, you'll get your posts 'stickied', get mentioned in our forthcoming mail-outs (which currently goes out globally to over 3000 people) , a shout in the 'News' section and your record(s) reviewed on the site (obviously at our discretion!).

    If this sounds unreasonable, then a monetary contribution towards bandwidth charges, forum maintenance and general other shite will suffice.

    Drop RD, Shaker or myself a line at our communal diggerswithgratitude@gmail.com email address and we'll get straight back to you.

    For anyone interested, our Google Analytics tracking shows that over 600,000 people have looked at the DWG forum since the new version went up in 2011. At present (April 2013), we average between 50,000 and 62,000 visits every week. You'll see the DWG forum near the top of many Google search results.

    Last, but definitely not least, thanks to those here who have laced us with promo copies.

    It's never taken for granted, it's very much appreciated - and we hope to do your releases justice on the site.

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    its been pointed out that there were too many 'sticky' threads in this section so we've 'unstuck' almost all of them, popular releases will rise to the top...



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