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    Based on what I have to hand & a few dates I grabbed off http://statichiss.wordpress.com/

    February 89 - Ice T & Rhyme Syndicate

    16th October 1992 - Bobby Konders
    26th December 1992 - Best Of The Year special

    1993 - Redman, Das EFX & Hoodratz
    16th July 1993 - Pharcyde

    12th February 1994 - Snoop, Daz & Kurupt
    1994 - Wu Tang
    August 94 - 1st NY Lugz Rap Exchange w/ Flex, Craig Mack & Biggie freestyle
    24th December 1994 - Best Of The Year special

    early 1995 - Biggie & Craig Mack
    February 1995 - Bobby Jay guest mix
    25th February 1995 - Rap Exchange
    April 1995 - Rap Exchange w/ Smif N Wessun & Ol Dirty Bastard
    June 1995 - Rap Exchange w/ Naughty By Nature
    September 1995 -Rap Exchange w/ Raekwon & Das EFX
    2nd December 1995 - Def Jam 10th Anniversary w/ Method Man & Russell Simmons
    23rd December 1995 - Cash Money & Marvellous

    27th & 28th January 1996 - 1st Anniversay Show: Flex w/ Akinyele & Sadat X
    16th March 1996 - no guest
    20th April 96 - Rap Exchange
    June/July 96? - Nas & De La Soul
    June 96 - Live @ Club UN
    1st July 96 - Cash Money
    10th August 96 - Hijack (Kamanchi Sly & DJ Supreme)
    1996 - Ghostface, Cappadonna & Jeru
    1996 - Live from Adrenalin Village: Ghostface, Cappadonna, Bobby Jay & Chris Goldfinger
    Oct 1996 (?) - London Posse
    16th October 96 - DJ Riz
    29th November 1996 - DJ Phats (Fats? - american DJ)

    1997 - DJ Skribble
    March 97 - Rap Exchange w/ KRS, Tragedy & Redman
    April 97 - Wu Tang
    May 97 - DJ Semtex
    June 1997 - DJ Clue
    October 1997 - Cash Money
    October 1997 - Rap Exchange w/ LL Cool J & Gang Starr

    1998 - Eminem & Proof
    May 1998 - DJ Skribble
    23rd May 1998 - Jam Master Jay
    June 98 - Cam'ron & Charli Baltimore
    13th June 1998 - Hot 97 Rap Exchange w/ DMX, Def Squad, Busta, Lord Tariq
    26th June 98 - Scratch Perverts (Mr Thing, Harry Love, Prime Cuts)
    1998 - the weekend of Fresh 98: Masta Ace, Supernatural & DJ Noize
    24th October 1998 - Marley Marl

    late 1999 (?)- Redman & Method Man
    February 99 - Marley Marl
    March 99 - DJ Craze
    June 99 - Scratch Perverts
    6th August 1999 - Cipha Sounds
    28th August 1999 - Old School Special
    6th November 1999 - Cash Money
    20th November 1999 - Max Glazer mix

    12th February 2000 - Jay Z
    May 2000 - Max Glazer & Cipha Sounds
    March 2001 - Prime Cuts
    March 2001 - Marley Marl
    2002 - Marley Marl, Nature

    Im guessing a lot of dates could be pieced together by listening back to shows and keeping an ear out for adverts for gigs/club nights etc.
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    A few shows I recorded that I still have of the Rap Exchange with Funkmaster Flex on Radio 1

    8 July 1995 with Cella Dwellas freestyle
    30 September 1995
    23 December 1995 includes freestyles from Busta Rhymes, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigga Tha Gambler, Lord Finesse.
    27 January 1996 features freestyles with Akinyele and Sadat X
    20 April 1996 includes freestyles from The Fab 5, Foxy Brown, Jay Z and Large Pro
    10 August 1996 Includes freestyles from ATCQ and Wu-Tang
    8 March 1997 Includes a mammoth 25 minutes + KRS One Freestyle, Redman, Tragedy and Capone also drop freestyles
    9 August 1997 Includes Busta Rhymes & Rampage & Flipmode Freestyle, Fugees and Capone N Noreaga Freestyle

    I have all these converted to mp3 and I may have more that i never got round to converting up in the loft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Disaster View Post
    This could be an excellent resource, I wonder if the beeb has any archive facility for old Radio 1 schedules anywhere?
    I hadn't thought about it before but I've got a potential contact on this, I'll follow up tomorrow and see what I can find out.

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    This is a genius idea - despite the "Westwood -isms" during his broadcasts you are talking about a historical goldmine of hip hop music.
    I've got at least 2 large storage boxes of tapes that need digitizing.
    A few from LWR a couple from Kiss, the rest from capital/Radio 1.

    Does anyone else have stuff from LWR - there were shows where he played tapes of RUN DMC freestyling after hours at the People's club in Paddington as well as tapes from the Zulu Nation sessions in NY.... at the time 82 - 84ish I owned about ten blank cassettes in total and had to borrow my dads deck to tape anything.
    If anyone has these and could upload - pure gold...if I can get a working tape deck i'll try and post some stuff but it won't be for a little while...

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    some of the guest mixes too, MK's was particularly good (Beatnuts etc), Diamond J etc, I think I have 4 on one cassette but from different shows and no dates unfortunately

    Went through one box yesterday and got another few to go through

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    Quote Originally Posted by matskank View Post
    This is a genius idea...
    Cheers fella, Flavor beyond flavor et cetera.

    Quote Originally Posted by step one View Post
    Be great to get them all one site like the Stretch & Bobbito one.
    Think i'll get to that in a few weeks time when weve got a heftier body of work as it were, but yeh, handy to have to hand. Cheers for the list dude, this is real heavy, much appreciated, Static Hiss had a few gems for sure, and yourself, obvs has been blessin us for a minute.

    @JAMO, exactly what im sayin, the names of Finesse and Large Pro on Westwood are a rarity so thanks for that, much appreciated fella.

    Top work Mr Lawson, never even knew G Rap did a Live to London, was that at Dingwalls? Oh, and I found a tape [2 actually] of Aaliyah being interviewed by ole Timmy, the same night Riz & Sizzahandz did that guest mix. Ive added it on, it was Oct 96

    @whosaidjazz, Like WHOAH. Any info is more info, so its all gravy in the navy, top idea though.

    @matskank - No doubt M. Dig em out, or fire them this way, not a problem. I need to dig out a Head Cleaner !

    RE: LWR shows, only a handful myself, but we'll talk more soon im sure. I know Drew/ Dan over at Fatlace blessed us with an LWR tape a while back, ye might wanna check there too.

    Regarding that Peoples Club jam, I'd say that full show would probably be my holy grail. It was 5 hours long apparently, he played 30 minutes of it on a 1FM show in April 95, but it wouldve been on the 2nd hour of the show, ive only got the first 90 minutes. At least we have dates to follow these things through now. Im sure I have a 5/ 10 minute clip of the Peoples Club session from an LWR segment show, i'll dig it out at the weekend, but be warned, its vintage Hip-Hop foreplay !

    How many times did KRS appear in interview with Westwood? Im sure he showed up 2/ 3 times... Any clues?

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    mixcloud links/players might be a good look for streaming audio if you were going to hook up a dedicated site - unlimited space for free, embeddable players, no copyright issues etc

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    I was just thinkin about that, but my usual 'long arms and short pockets' mentality says I should just pay for a Soundcloud dedicated to this and get on with it.

    I liked those mixes that people came in the studio to do too yeh, people like MK, DJ Leader One and Billy Biznizz, some tasty material there

    Gotta head off to work now but I found a couple more, I'll add on later.

    14 December 1990 - Kid Frost Interview
    15 Feb 1991 - Tribe in the studio and in interview
    4 Dec 1993 - Melle Mel & Afrika Islam interview & Freestyle

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    Some uploads of 3 Westwood live to London shows from the Arches in Goding Street...those were the days... and having been to a few of those nights I can tell you the place was buckwylin!!




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