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    fascinating of the "C4" & "legion of d.u.m.e." article.
    i wonder of how many good crews the source report from 93'-98'
    in the unsigned hype section???
    does anybody have more unsigned hype articles of those days?
    c4 source.jpg
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    I still have the issue where Eminem was up in the Unsigned Hype section and, a few years prior, Biggie Smalls.

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    ^^ never seen that one Chris, nice one!
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    Love this kind of nerdism

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    dope! got the Capone N Noreaga one somewhere...

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    I have a whole load of them that I scanned and uploaded to my Tumblr accoutn:


    Here's most of them:


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    ^ Dope! I might have got that MC Mechanism one off your blog maybe? It was just hanging out on my hard drive for some reason.

    I remember loving this section in The Source and making lists of these artists to look out for. Shorty Long was one Unsigned Hype demo I was after for ages.. but then it released on wax, luckily.

    Some of the Cipher Complete stuff is online – pretty dope too. Props to OGDonNinja for the upload.

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    i mentioned Back 2 Back in another thread, i can recall hearing a track by them produced by Pete Rock back in the day. Would love to hear the Capone-N-Noreaga demo, I think J-Love has a copy as the 1/2 Mil track (which also featured Tragedy) was featured on one of his mixtapes. J-Love is sitting on a SHITLOAD of unreleased music - DWG crew you should give him a call!!

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    Great scans, Mark! Brings back memories reading all of those write-ups. I'll try to scan some of mine in the next bit. I should have every issue from around #7 to around #50, so maybe I can round up a lot of eye candy.

    Little known fact (or maybe it's well-known), but Antexx used to manage Mobb Deep, changed their name from Poetical Prophets, and brought them to Trevor (A&R at LOUD).



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