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Thread: Wants list

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    Wants list

    I'm trying to satiate the ghosts of my old collection by filling a few major holes.

    All playable conditions considered, as long as they're OG copies.

    Ras Kass 'Jack Frost' 12" (original test press)
    Hip City Swingers 'I'm The Man' 12"
    Def Rhythm Productions 'Back To The Lab' LP (original with PC, not reissue)
    Show And The Celebrity ‎'Show And The Celebrity' 12"

    Indikator 'The Vision' EP
    Awsome Of Course Crew 'An Introduction' 12"
    Omnscience 'The Funky Oneliner EP' (original)
    Plan Bee 'Quest 4 Survival' 12"
    King Tre 'Damn I'm Good' 12"
    Culture Shock International LP
    Da Bandit 'Neck Snapper' 12"
    3rd Dynasty 'Gots Ta Get Funky' 12"
    2 Demented 'The Real Sunset Park/Dementia' 12"
    Kamakaze 'Spread It' 12" (OG, not bootleg)
    DJ Class 'Class Is In Session' 12"
    MC Price & DJ Trouble 'My Life Story' 12"
    Freestyle Professors EP (OG, with sticker sleeve)
    Funke Natives 'Small Talk on 125th St' 12"
    Lazy Laz 'Mystery' 12"
    Mytee G Poetic 'Listen To The Lyrics' 12"
    The Roots 'Thought @ Work' 12"
    3 Da Hard Way 'A Dirty Cop Named Harry' 12"
    The Roots 'Distortion To Static (Remixes)' 12" (PRO-A-4696)
    Percee P & Ekim 'Now They Wanna See Me' 12" (stickered sleeve/silver label please!)

    I'll keep updating this thread.

    Please PM me if anyone has got anything for sale (sadly, no trades available, unless you want DWG releases... in which case I have a few special things to offer!).

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    Giving this thread a bump.

    2014 has been a good year so far, but still a few stragglers on the list!

    PM me if you have anything available. Thanks.



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