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    I like how this thread has turned into a full-on sneaker discussion! :bigsmile:

    Me too! :cheer: Hip Hop & sneakers go hand-in-hand like Elton John & David Furnish IMO!

    Got soul! Got sole!


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    Maybe we should move to a 'Kicks' thread in the main forum?

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    djshaker:>Maybe we should move to a 'Kicks' thread in the main forum?
    sounds like a good idea... start it up!

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    Yeah Chr!s, those are the ones. Although I don't like the talk of patent leather. Patent leather has no place on trainers.

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    Thread started here... :bigsmile:

    And yeah Doc, generally I'd agree with you: patent leather is wack.

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    doc savage:>I really like those shoes which are on the third row of pics, left hand pic, bottom shelf, far right.
    You mean these?

    [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/crisone/for%20sale/easter_tre.jpg" width="450" "easter"]

    The limited 'Easter' colourway of the Nike Tre skate shoe... Seb at Nike SB hooked me up with those after we put them on the news section on Crooked Tongues. I'm not sure I could wear them skating, but they're kinda interesting.
    those are some fly ass shoes. id buy a pair of those for a hundred to test them out.



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