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Thread: Music of Life

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    Smile Music of Life

    Music of life Records digital offering is being updated

    As I manage the Music of Life label I thought I would start this thread to keep people up dated on the progress.
    A lot of the catalogue was missing from the online offering. Having recently got a lot of the original DAT tapes and analogue tape masters back after many years in storage I'm reconstructing as much as I am able to bar the ones which were only licensed or sold. Hopefully everything worth having will be up in it's original form in the end.

    This week I submitted the following which should all come available late June 2013 between 23rd and 28th.

    NOTE 26 - DEMON BOYZ - RECOGNITION 12" SINGLE - Release 28/06.13
    NOTE 32 - SL TROOPERS - MOVEMENT / THRER IT IS - Release 28/06.13
    NOTE 53 - SON OF NOISE - SON OF NOISE / ILL JUSTICE -Release 28/06.13
    NOTE 57 - KAOS FROM ORDER / CONCRETE SHOW - Release 23/06/13
    NOTE 61 - KILLA INSTINCT - BAMBI MURDERS (All 3 Mixes) - Release 28/06.13

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    Nice work! Music of Life was such a significant label.

    Would be great if any unreleased or rare stuff came out on wax at some point too.

    Look forwards to seeing what else you manage to unarchive.

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    Hope there is some great unreleased music in those volts and it gets put out on wax.

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    Nice! I'd love a copy of SL Troopers movement on 12"
    also what are the 3 mixes of Bambi Murders? I got the 12 are they all ont here? thought it was jsut vocal , inst and bonus beats?

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    The Bambi Murders download is exactly the same as the 12" vinyl but taken from the production master DAT digitally. If you have the wax you have the download tracks, except there are NO vinyl rips here. It sounds exactly the same.

    There are a few forgotten bits in there
    "Militant Posture - Dawn of Terror" for example. Only on Hard as Hell 4 but I have a DAT with 5 versions including that one. That includes a Dub, and two instrumentals, one with scratching, the other without.Also an alternative "Straight Mix"

    Beyond that there is a Son of Noise DAT. It has the Son of Noise / Ill Justice 12" on it but also 4 other tracks in both instrumental and vocal form, dating from when they very first formed so also has vocals by Digit on it. The challenge there is to persuade the band that I can get it remastered and on wax. I'm working on it. Got to be respectful of the artist as it is totally unreleased.
    One of the beats is a Hardnoise beat for sure.

    As far as wax goes. To celebrate a low key return for MOL. I transfered the 24 track tapes of 3 Knights at FX in London using top line equipment and connections. SO, there are remixes coming in the autumn of 3 Knights - Burial In The Course of the Proceedings / Onslaught

    The stella cast of Remixers is:

    DJ Supreme (Hijack / 3 Knights / The Icepick)
    AJ from Hardnoise
    DJ Mada from Son of noise
    DJ Spatts from The Criminal Minds
    Krash Slaughta (II Tone Committee)
    Mista Bohze (Southside Deluxe / II Tone Committee)
    Jerome Hill (Fat Hop) (hopefully)
    Warped Ethics (probably)
    Dookie Squad (Should be on it now)
    DJ Tones
    Dave Cridge (Up Bustle & Out, NINJA TUNE / TRIBE STEPPAZ)

    How I'll get that all one wax I have no idea, probably not. Either some will be digital only or I'll have to go the whole hog and do multiple vinyl. lol. We'll see what the reaction to the previews brings.

    If folks are seriously up for some represses or special presses, just for participants, as funds are not bottomless sadly, I am considering a crowd funding style thing to make sure I am putting out what people want, how they want it, rather than just what I believe will sell as they are not always the same. There would be some extras thrown in for good measure to reward the people that participate. Rocket Hub seems like the most obvious candidate for that. In reality the number of pre orders needed to make a nice pressing is only 150 so that should be a no brainer I hope? Will take a moment to organise properly so it is delivered as on time as possible.

    "Hits From Small Arms Fire" would make a nice 12" as would the Militant Posture and the Son of Noise tracks are really good. The remixes mentioned above are promising to be varied and the ones I have had submitted to me so far have been well worth the effort.
    DJ Supreme is giving each one a seal of approval so expect proper Hip Hop in many flavours from old school masters.

    Hope that answers any questions so far.


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    Sounding good! I don't think you'll have any problem with orders for Son Of Noise, Militant Posture, Hits From Small Arms Fire, and Burial remixes all on wax. Let me know if I can help in any way, maybe pre-order steez?

    1, Disorda

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    Looks interesting, I'd certainly be happy if some vinyl dropped.

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    A Music of Live x Suspect Packages collaborative release would work brilliantly.



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