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    Some random favourites

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Disaster View Post
    Woah, checking some of this now. Very nice. None for sale on Discogs so this must be French Boogie Mafia rarity territory!

    Hopefully PPU or someone will reissue it.
    Boogie Times out of France reissued it recently. Out Break

    OG goes for cash!

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    Ah nice one.

    Grass killing it with those choices.

    This is a good place for mixes of this kind of gear:

    Hypnotical Gases - Keeping my proboscis out of the dirt.

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    Not easy to find, not exactly boogie or funk, but where else would you file it?

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    Used to have an 808 State track that sampled this, never know what the sample was then I'm in a record shop one day and this comes on:

    If I remember right the dub mix is serious.

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    This is just 3 or so years old but no to be slept on:

    Same with this one, its like some modern space boogie:


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    This is serious:

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    Can never decide which mix I like best:


    or the dub

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    Forgot about this one, thanks to this thread its now remembered, might drop it on friday:

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    serious dub pressure:



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