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    ^ read that in a Kane interview, think it might have been in one of the Rakim Told Me books...

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    Cheers guys, I remember being happy with it at the time, but looking back, I spent the time doing the cover, but didn't bother to much with the writing inside and the Our Price sticker. Oh well it's goid to look back at it now though, and I have a unique sleeve.

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    Biz owns the lost film spools for Wild Style 2 starring Furious 5, Soul Sonic Force and Charlie Sheen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sureshot La Rock View Post
    Great write up!

    Luckily, I'm the proud owner of the test press pictured in this thread. I asked Charlie about it and he replied:

    We made 100 pressings. Most of these were handed out to all the DJ's and MC's. I only kept a few. Jose may have been one of the Twins playing congas at the amphitheater in the movie 1981.

    For the longest time, it had been assumed only 10 or 20 of the test pressings were made.
    That's fuckin' ballin' right there!

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    Biz probably also owns the missing bells on a seprate record with just the bells.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorun Bombay View Post
    I wonder who's copy of the Wildstyle breaks was used for Big Daddy Kane's first album.

    Does anyone know the story behind that? (I heard it was Biz but not 100% sure)
    When I first heard that break on the Big Daddy Kane record I was sure it would be on the next Ultimate Breaks & Beats record!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesper View Post
    For the record (pun!) there's a bootleg on Music Station/Dancefloor Dist./Disc-stinct Music w yellow label where the beats are extended. Asume it's a boot of the Black steel since it's credited to Music of life.
    and they look like this...

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    Manphat, I think you know what I'm gonna ask. Is it cool if I add that pic to the post? That's not even listed on Discogs yet (unless I'm missing it) so I think having an image of it is invaluable.

    I plan on updating that post after that missing 12" I ordered arrives, and at that time I'll post the pics of that twelve and info on it, I'll add Sureshot's information and yours (and anyone elses) if they got more info. I will try to keep that post as relevant as possible. Instead of multiple edits of that thread (I'm guessing Google doesn't like that) I'll try to limit it to just one more big relevant change.

    Anywayz, thanks in advance to everyone contributing, much appreciated.

    Edit: I found the link just now but could still benifit from that pic. http://www.discogs.com/DJ-Black-Stee...elease/2870285
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