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Thread: Here We Go !!

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    Here We Go !!

    Sup Everyone,
    I'm a vinyl addict & records digger from France. I'm browsing this forum for a while now & thought it might be nice to be part of the community; sharing infos, records, etc...
    I started to build my collection (mostly late 80's / 90's random hip hop) 3 years ago, focusing much more on quality rather than quantity. Still so much to be uncovered...
    Gotta bunch of questions that need to be post in the other section !!
    Glad to meet everyone there !!

    here's my youtube channel :

    My Cogs wantlist as well :

    See ya around fellas

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    Welcome sir! Thanks for the intro

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    Welcome! Glad you've decided to add onto the cipher.

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    Thanks fellas !!
    I started to rip some of my records using an Usb turntables & though it might be useful to share some of them on a dedicated channel. Seems nobody upload the Lonnie-O "Mr Dynamite-12" yet (complete tracks I mean). Just let me know if some of you might be interested in the instrumentals as well.
    That's hella lot of work !!
    Peace !!

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    A lot of nice records on your want list...

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    I'm sure you can help him out with a Big L Lifestylez LP Checkout

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    Welcome on board....

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    I'm always chasing after a Radikal Doodz decent copy. This one is top priority on my wantlist but hardly shows up or always sell out for crazy bucks...
    Anyway... I'm glad to be part of this forum, I'll try to help out as much as I can even tho, you guys are in the game more longer than me.
    Peace !!



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