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  • South Bronx

    14 70.00%
  • The Bridge

    6 30.00%
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    South Bronx vs The Bridge????

    Which is better?

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    I remember the night John Peel played in and the following night my friend Stuart, his twin brother and myself hanging in a park in our estate playing it on a box and thinking to myself how odd the record was (but I loved it).
    I found KRS's one-off beat style odd.
    I found the guitar part odd.
    I found the funny sound effect/fazing noise odd.

    It became my favourite track.
    KRS became my favourite rapper.

    as for the Bridge:

    I love it.
    But I think I heard South Bronx first, so thats the one that hit me.

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    South Bronx, south south Bronx.
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    South bronx for the rapping and the bridge for the beat, if we talk about the songs
    if we talk about which neighbourhood was making better rap, i'll say 70s and 80s south bronx and 90s queensbridge
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    I think The Bridge was a better song than South Bronx, but The Bridge is Over is the best song of this war.

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    I love both but if pushed, The Bridge....the b..b ...b...bridge
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    I can't pick one. They're both 5 mic classics.

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    The Bridge cause they have a bridge which South Bronx doesn't

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    I heard The Bridge when it was still a world premiere on WBLS and just watching it build momentum and how the Juice Crew were all touring together and Eric B & Rakim were on board for some of the shows & radio interviews while "Eric B is President" was still new... I was a huge Bridge supporter because it seemed like a huge positive movement... and it went on for months around the time all of these other great records were played on the radio with it (Raising Hell, etc)

    When KRS came out, I have to admit I thought he (and his attitude) was super shitty and stepping in the middle of a good vibe that was created by "The Bridge" (i.e. "You should reach for your goals cause i'm reaching for mine") It wasn't until "The Bridge is over" came out that I even remotely warmed up to BDP and even further (a lot of it had to do with him being co-signed by Red Alert who I also supported), when KRS & Just-Ice teamed up, that's when I actually gave BDP's first album a full listen (and it still had to grow on me) I still had to get over the image of the front cover of the album which to me at that time was seen as the "bully" winning.

    I have to give it to "The Bridge". Maybe the outcome would have been different for me if I just bought the records and never listened to the commentary on the radio between Juice Crew & BDP or put it in context with the records.
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