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    Best act you have seen live.

    Doesnt have to be rap related.

    For me Atmosphere are the best Ive seen by a mile, saw them a bunch of times over 3-4 year period and each show was different, like completely different.

    Portishead, saw them around the time Third dropped, they were amazing.

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    IDK if it was the best act i've seen live but, continuing on from your post in the other thread, i saw KRS about 10 years ago in Edinburgh & he was very good. I'd probably pick a UK act as my best so probably Icepick, who i saw in Germany about 5 years ago.

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    Icepick played here in Plymouth years back, I remember him being real good.
    Also there were some Exeter lads in attendance for some reason an exeter/plymouth fight was brewing, Icepick intervened and the beef was quashed!

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    For me its easily Prince, saw him at the O2 in 2007.

    Hip Hop wise probably Gang Starr in Manchester back in 2003 i think it was, quickly met DJ Premier afterwards and got a signed t-shirt.

    Quote Originally Posted by francois parker View Post
    Icepick played here in Plymouth years back, I remember him being real good.
    Also there were some Exeter lads in attendance for some reason an exeter/plymouth fight was brewing, Icepick intervened and the beef was quashed!
    Are you a Plymouth Argyle fan?

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    Sharon Jones (RIP) & The Dap Kings were the tightest act I have ever seen. 3 times and every show was from a different record and absolutely brilliant.

    Best rap solo performer Master Ace but best overall rap concert Beastie Boys circa Ill Communication. Helped by Tribe and P Funk opening for them ( Lollapalooza related). The P Funk mob and side projects I have seen a lot, always amazing.

    Best rock gig Dinosaur Jr.

    Most surprising Giant Sand, wasn’t really familiar with their music but my brother dragged me along and they were incredible.

    Kraftwerk were pretty awesome.
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    first ones that come to mind

    Gang Starr in 2003 (considerably better than Guru with Solaar & Doo Wop)
    Ice Cube in 94
    Public Enemy in 95
    Klashnekoff @ Fabric in 05/06
    Nas with Green Lantern DJing in a small venue under Stamford Bridge in 2012

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    The pharcyde in 93 tour in a small venue in Bradford couldn't of been more than 30 people

    Dr John in manchester cant remember the year

    Kartwerk at tribal gathering in 96 return show still get chills thinking about it the best sound at any concert ever

    3rd bass were pretty damn good in 89 supporting PE

    Redman/ das efx 93 3 before the pharcyde gig .redman leaping into the crowd feet first with size 11 tims and someone stealing his beanie wasn't too happy

    And KRS ONE leeds in 2013 only did a short set but was tight

    Orbital live in Leeds were really good

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    Ozomatli in Manchester (was it Dry Bar?) back in the late 90's was one of, if not my favourite show, still got the t-shirt somewhere... saw them a few times after that as I enjoyed them a lot...

    Not necessarily favourite but I do feel lucky to have been at the Biggie/Craig Mack show in Hammersmith back in '95

    Cypress Hill and LOTUG at Brixton Academy was pretty dope if you enjoy being crushed to death!

    Did anyone else go to the Black Moon/Zapp show at Alexandra Palace? Weird night with about 200 people showing up to a venue with capacity of 10,000... for the promoters it couldn't have been a worse flop but for those of us who went Buckshot and Evil Dee just came and hung out in the 'crowd' all night which was nice of them...

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    James Brown 1999 in Italy. It was in a football stadium on the country side and there were only about 1000 People there. He was playing four about two and a half hours straight. Mr. Dynamite!!

    And for Rap Ellay Khule/Rifleman 2003 in Berlin. Brought such an energy level to the stage… crazy!
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    Thinking of it, Oasis in Newcastle, 1997, was a good one albeit not really because of the music... Newcastle Utd were playing Barcelona the same night, Noel came out wearing a Newcastle shirt (which given his much known love for City was a nice touch I thought) and they'd stop the set each time Newcastle scored (3x) and announce the score to the crowd... after the gig you had 50k delirious Newcastle fans empty out into the city center as well as the gig attendees... t'was a messy night in Newcastle!



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