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    No probs, hope you like

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    THAT KUKOO THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! BIG UP BadCop!!!

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    None stop mixed by yours truly.

    Download mix in full here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ak43roz0inzsjy/No_Gimmicks_19-20_edit.zip
    Stream: https://soundcloud.com/bad-cop/sets/...hit-part-19-20
    (Tracks "Shabaam Sahdeeq - Can't Be Ya Lover" and "Brand Nubian - Step Into Da Cypher" are missing due to missing copyright. )

    01. Essence - Essence Of New York (Demo)
    02. Mister Voodoo - Let The World Know (Demo)
    03. Total Pack - What's The Deal (Demo)
    04. Positive K - Mr. Jiggliano
    05. Jamal - Keep It Live
    06. Defari - Keep It On The Rise
    07. MOP - How About Some Hardcore (Remix)
    08. Ill Biskits - Let 'Em Know
    09. Intalec - Frustration (Demo)
    10. Brand Nubian Feat. Maestro Manny, Serge, Snagglepuss - Step Into Da Cypher
    11. Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On 'Em (Sensi Remix)
    12. Dark Skinned Assassin - Untitled Raw Shit
    13. Method Man - WNYU Freestyle '94
    14. Mister Voodoo - Rhyme Scheme (Demo)
    15. Natural Elements - Evil Dee Promo (Demo)
    16. Juggaknots - Genuine (Demo)
    17. The Bad Seed - Shit Is Hot
    18. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Can't Be Ya Lover
    19. Juggaknots - Watch Ya Head (Remix)
    20. Da Great Deity Dah - The Day I Raped Hip Hop (What A Dream)
    21. Phonetik - Sounds Of Speech
    22. Highrullahz - Burn Something
    23. Defari - Gems
    24. Widow Prizum - Pass It Around
    25. Scienz Of Life - 9 Ether
    26. Snaggepuss - Wake Up Show Freestyle
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    Nice one, thanks

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    Thanks buddy, appreciate the feedback

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    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/czmt9ft9ed11wps/No_Gimmicks_Y2K_edit.zip
    Stream: https://soundcloud.com/bad-cop/sets/...s-rap-shit-y2k

    None stop mix of a selection of my favourite independent hip-hop cuts from- and around year 2000. This was the tail end of the golden era when indie hip-hop vinyl still sold decent volumes. The West Coast was just a strong as the East Coast in terms of output of underground hits. Releases from labels like ABB Records where more or less a default buy. DJ Revolution’s “In 12’s We Trust” LP is fantastic all way through and so is Cali Agent’s first LP, Laid In Full Chapter 2, Mykill Miers, Encore, Scum and so on…

    Tracks "DJ Revolution - Take Over", "Dilated Peoples - Weed V. Beer" and "Boulevard Connection – Copenhagen" are missing from streaming on Soundcloud due to copyright limitations.

    01. Joey Chavez Feat. Evidence - People And Places
    02. Checkmate - Bait And Switch (Money And Music)
    03. LMNO - Jemestrumental
    04. DJ Revolution - Take Over
    05. Dilated Peoples - Weed V. Beer
    06. Joey Chavez Feat. Iriscience - The Chills
    07. 13 - Slow Burnin
    08. DJ Design Feat. Madlib, Quasimoto – Sparkdala
    09. Boulevard Connection – Copenhagen (Claimin' Respect)
    10. Erule - Mind Wars
    11. Encore Feat. Dave Dub - Esoteric (Exec Anthem)
    12. Scum - Takin' No Shorts
    13. R.A. The Rugged Man Feat. Dynasty The Emp - Windows Of The World
    14. Krumb Snatcha – Hood Turn Hot
    15. Joey Chavez Feat. Encore - It's Goin Down
    16. Amad Jamal – LA City
    17. Rahsheed – Ambition
    18. Mykill Miers Feat. Planet Asia - Everyday Ritual
    19. Born Allah - Laid In Full
    20. DJ Revolution Feat. Buc Fifty - Ultimate Weapon
    21. Non Phixion - Cult Leader
    22. Ace Lover - Lucky 7
    23. Natural Elements - Second Hand Smoke
    24. Mykill Miers - Killing Spree
    25. El The Sensei Feat. P.S. 171 - Keep It Live
    26. Cali Agents - Fuck What You Heard
    27. The Giant (A.G.) – Hidden Crate
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    These tracklists look juicy. Will need to check em out. Isnt the whole copyright problem on Soundcloud a thing of the past? Didnt they reach an agreement and stop banning mixes/users?

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    Please do check it out and let me know your thoughts.

    I'm afraid not... Soundcloud is really hit and miss sometimes. I split my mixes into separate tracks which I think makes them more exposed compared single file mixes, hence that's why I offer the mediafire option.

    A bit surprised that no on picked up on those 2 unheard tracks by Essence and Mister Voodoo...

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    Hey Bad Cop, downloaded last night and it's definitely on my 'to listen to list', hopefully today Looks dope btw

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    Thanks part 19-20 has got rarer stuff but Y2K is the better mix.




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