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    Exclamation DWG023: Tragedy 'Black Rage Demos Pt 2' FINAL COPIES LEFT

    dropping at the same time as DWG022, pre order details to be announced in due course...

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    We shared this on our social media accounts a few days ago but thought we should put it here as not everyone checks them...

    The current plan is to announce DWG022 and 023 in November with an exclusive rate if you buy both releases, we plan to ship in December.

    We are considering offering an earlybird test press too, we only have 10 (or less) of these, keep an eye out for this.

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    Want it now, ha ha !!!

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    Vintage material???

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    Nice! Got a feeling this one is going to be some serious heat...

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    Label looks a bit shit, you've forgotten the tracklist and artist name(s), Chris been on the absinthe again

    What Mao said, bring em on!

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    Looking forward to it. Pretty much buying zero hip hop these days so need some unreleased vintage material to excite me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cro View Post
    Chris been on the absinthe again
    I'm not allowed absinthe any more, apparently...

    As for DWG023, I can't wait to get this one announced publicly: it's been in the system since this time last year!



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