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    Rich is a good dude, he is passionate about his label service and is well known for excellent customer care, as I'm sure everyone will agree!

    Can't really comment on the subscription service, as it could be good if there are exclusive released, we considered something like this before but didn't want to have the pressure of churning out records, sometimes life gets in the way and records aren't the top priority.

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    The consensus seems pretty clear but I will offer a counter view:
    Best product quality in recent years...SOS
    Best customer service...SOS
    Best potential line up of coming releases...SOS
    I've paid for the subscription but this is 2016 and I don't live in a crappy flat in Hackney anymore and can afford to.
    Time will tell if there is demand for this. Supply and Demand usually determines the longevity of these things...
    NB agree on Finesse back catalogue but the real carrott is new Underboss album.

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    Direct quote from their Bigcartel site:


    Our mission at Slice Of Spice has always been to Cut Vinyl, Not Corners. To provide the best product and customer care we can. This label has been built by the direct support of our customers and fans, so this is our THANK YOU!"


    Which other retailers of low-involvement goods charge a subscription for customer care?

    As a "thank you" they're charging people more?

    Nobody can dispute the quality of their products, but in my opinion their lead times are often longer compared to their peers and (in my experience) rarely ship in line with their estimated shipping dates. Again, no biggie if the customer is kept informed of revised dates, in a timely manner but this doesn't always happen.

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    So SOS is charging an extra subscription fee to get access to special releases and colored pressings which are already more expensive than the regular pressings on black vinyl??? Please correct me if I am wrong! I appreciate my SOS collection and don't regret any purchase I made but I WON'T PAY EXTRA EXTRA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raredave View Post
    ....sometimes life gets in the way and records aren't the top priority.
    I don't understand RD

    (joking obviously!)

    Re: the subscription service - I've seen a few of these pop up but not taken any of them. Would be good to know the benefits besides access an opening Lord Finesse EP. I think the EP is the series of Flexi discs from the 7" series or something like that.

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    to be honest, SOS disappointed me from the beginning. All the so calle 'unreleased' Finesse stuff was released like 8 years ago from the japanese Soundtable label. there was NOTHING they unearthed really.

    remember this Secret Spice EP that only some people got as a super limited bonus thing? i mean some die hard fans went crazy and paid several hundred for this EP (which is below average anyway) because you got no sign of getting the stuff anywhere else. even SOS sold it for mad money i bet. now, out of the blue, you can purchase it but only if you subscribe to the so called collectors club or however you want to call it.

    collecting records in the internet era means you have to bring mad money in. not more not less. the subscription service sucks without even knowing what they will come up with..

    sorry for the hate but this needs to be said.
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    I feel I must weigh in too, I've had issues with SOS in the past, namely receiving "limited" records that are numbered after the so called run. When I and a fellow collector asked Rich about this he said there was no point in trashing perfectly good records, I haven't bought anything since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MillionDollars View Post
    remember this Secret Spice EP that only some people got as a super limited bonus thing? i mean some die hard fans went crazy and paid several hundred for this EP
    ... get your point; on the other hand the copies form 2012 clearly stated "test pressing" and I cannot remember it was ever mentioned "will never be pressed as retail copy". Sure the limited edition thing is a marketing instrument since hip-hop vinyl doesn't sell millions of copies anymore --- sometimes it is also an instrument to "create" grails and get peoples attention ... all together it's not really about limited edition, its more about pressing a realistic quantity that can sell out. I am personally spreading the word about those releases on my blogspot because I hope indie labels continue to release the hip-hop style that I like 80s & 90s style.
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    All their stuff is overpriced.

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    ^^ahahaha same here...was labelled a "hater" because of that...they say "only time will reveal" and the time has come, but got my popcorn out reading this thread...i don't buy products because someone is a good dude or has a good customer service...good customer service is expected when you pay top prices anyway and i couldn't care less if the guy is an asshole in real life..i buy records, not friendships



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