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    HEZ - 19720 Demo EP '97

    For those who missed this recent drop on Heavy Jewelz...

    Regular sticker.jpg

    Quality material from HEZ (AKA Hezekiah) feat. 5 unreleased demos and one track previously only available on a very rare 12". Already pressed and currently shipping in a sticker cover from Heavy Jewelz in the following quantities:

    150 copies on standard black vinyl
    150 copies on clear red vinyl w/ black swirl

    15 test pressing bundles with alternate sticker art, running low!

    Order from: http://heavyjewelz.bigcartel.com

    As usual, shipping can be combined with any orders placed with GRR. Thanks for the support!

    Black vinyl:
    Black Wax.jpg

    Red vinyl:
    Red Wax.jpg

    Test pressing:
    TP Cover.jpg

    TP Sticker.jpg

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    thanks Henry!
    here's Hez telling the story of the old music and showing the record:

    havent been around for so long i forgot how to embed yt

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    Dope looking record - when I get some time I'll give it a blast!

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    I believe so, I have heard there is a release or 2 in the pipeline.

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