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    Holy shit it's been mad long since I checked if this place was back. Glad to see it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxygen View Post
    Peace DWG family!

    Just checking in once again. Also wanted to PERSONALLY thank you all that have supported the latest 7" I dropped with Paul Nice & really the support with everything I put out. It truly means a lot more than you know. To be honest, if it wasn't for DWG & all of you here that rock with me I wouldn't have been able to do all I've done all these years. So THANK YOU!!!! It's very humbling. I'm still alive and kickin' (as those of you who follow me on IG know). I will try my best to get in here more often and participate in some of the threads like I used to.

    One love!
    Paul Nice ripping people off. Took 200 of mine for tapes he said he had and trusting him I paid friends & family

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    Same here... I trusted him...we even talked on the phone (whatsapp)...he took 260 dollar from me and disappeared...



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