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View Poll Results: Licensed To Ill or Raising Hell?

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  • Licensed To Ill

    17 54.84%
  • Raising Hell

    14 45.16%
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    The beats on Licensed are the epitome of the era and more consistent than the ones on Raising imo. Probably because Raising was released first. Knew it would make an interesting thread.

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    I gotta go with Raising Hell.

    I think it aged better than Ill. Personal preference, I got sick of Ill when I DJed at this club and had to play it 3x a week for everyone. I think Fight for Your Right is pretty lame and that one was required constant rotation for the bars I played at. I get it, that's the point of the song, but still, it's pretty weak compared to the group they grew into later. I think Paul's Boutique was a power house album in comparison.

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    I've revisited both since the debate, gonna stick with the beasties, and been reintroduced to the sound from way out. Forgotten tape imo.
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