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  • Licensed To Ill

    17 54.84%
  • Raising Hell

    14 45.16%
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    Actually what am I talking about? '86?? I was probably still listening to Wham and Erasure...

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    raising hell of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussRockWell View Post
    Not from '86 but pulled 2 Live Crew out the crate on Saturday night for the crowd, gave em this... Amen Brother!

    Nice action

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    Tough choice but Raising Hell for me.
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    Really tough choice for me, but I'll go with 'Licence To Ill' as I actually bought it on tape. Quite a few of my school mates copied this tape from me and was all over my school. A few of my mates even broke into the heads office and played 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' over the school intercom!! Happy days indeed
    Having said this my good mate 'Plum' gave me a copy of 'Raising Hell' and it blew my young mind!! Two stone cold classics that soundtracked my youth. Wish I still had my 'Together Forever' T-Shirt!

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    Beasties, only because I'm not a huge fan of Raising Hell. If it would have been the first or second Run-D.M.C. album I would have voted Run-D.M.C. easy.

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    Really hard this one - both bona fide classics IMO and played a huge part in my life.....dead heat for me! Sorry.....
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    I can't even make a fair decision on this. Each lp was so dope and had stuff the other lp didn't. The Paul Revere backwards beat.. The Mardi Gras bells on peter piper... The Tempo change on "The New Style" ...The Ill Go Go groove on "Is it live".. Hit it Run was crazy.. "Hold it now Hit It" was crazy..

    I had to vote for "Raising Hell" only because I have more fond memories of hearing it for the first time before License to Ill. Other than that, both are neck to neck ILL!

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    Has to be Raising hell for me, I know Licensed to ill was great but the beats were nowhere near as hard as Run dmc, Raising hell was exactly what i wanted to hear back in '86 whereas The Beasties were always more hip hop for people who weren't that into hip hop if that makes sense.
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