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    has the Brazil stuff ever been reported properly? If he was arrested and charged it should be on record right?
    I dont think there are any details on this other than the stuff Poppy spoke on (at least I think it was Poppy).

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    I'm sure it's extremely easy to get away with it in Brazil. Hard to find anything that isn't corrupt there.

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    Something Brazilian and Bam related.

    A piece of Hip Hop Zulu related art from the recent Os Gemeos Show in NYC. A homage to a more innocent age pre nonce gate.

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    looks like this isn't going away and there's been a recent law change that might mean Bam has to answer the allegations in court


    The allegations against him have been made following a 2019 change in New York state law. The Child Victims Act allowed a window of time for allegations of sexual assault against children to be filed even if the alleged conduct had taken place earlier than is usually allowable by law.
    It is the same law change used by a woman who alleges that Bob Dylan sexually abused her as a 12-year-old in 1965, which he denies.



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