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    Exclamation Test Pressings: Soundsci & Last Jazz Club

    We should have 12 test pressings up for grabs for anyone who needs an early bird copy (at least a month or more before the official release date)... the cost for test pressings of BOTH releases will be 45 + postage.

    ljc + soundsci tps.jpg

    They will be standard white label test pressings in a stickered sleeve, if you are interested in a copy please email store@freshpressings.com and we'll get back to you with details.


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    should have stickers tomorrow... so these bad boys are going to be ready to ship next week.

    amazingly we still have a couple left!

    I'll drop anyone whos been in touch an email over the weekend with payment details etc.



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    Stickers look fresh!
    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

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    Niiice, can't wait. Cheers Dave!

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    Do we also see here the stickers for the regular release or are the stickers for the test pressings different ?

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    The Last Jazz club is the same, Soundsci will have a pic sleeve

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    Damn only just seen this :/ i bet am too late



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