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    The Jungle Brothers does seem a bit pricey. I've had a few shitty sounding pressings from Get on Down (the Diamond had a lot of noise, Souls of Mischief was too bassy) so not sure I'll bother even though it's one of the best evah

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    So this landed yesterday...

    While Get On Down may have had some iffy pressings in the past this certainly isn't one of them. Nice and loud and on a heavy clean pressing. A buddy of mine has all 3 volumes on CD and is telling me they are all really good and worth seeking so I'll have to cross off volumes one and 2 next. I should add this is easily one of my favorite RSD pressings ever, super funky and very fun.

    I also got the Isaac Hayes and Bar-Kays - Do Your Thing on Now Again Records.

    This is great as well, 3 tracks all a live free form gratuitous jam session. It's cool, but it's short and impromptu so it's all over the place. Good for fans of both bands.

    (Sorry about the big pics)

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