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    Soho is shite for records and has been for years.

    Love Vinyl just got a massive collection including loads of Hip Hop, you should have gone there.

    Alan's in Finchley has never let me down and there is a new one I have heard great things about called Rise Above in Archway.

    Flashback? There are two locations.

    Book and Record Bar in West Norwood is good in South.
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    Thanks will check all those out, I don't usually go that far on the tube. I've been to the Flashback in East London before but didn't find much.

    I once struck gold with a golden era 12s collection in Reckless that had just come in, nothing much since.

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    thats a shame, only made it there once to by De La Soul Stakes is High UK 2LP (not cheap) also grabbed a Seeborn & Puma for 3 (bargain!)



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