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    Love vinyl, bbe store, cosmos all close and worth a visit.

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    Went to Eldica for the first time at the weekend. Hip Hop section is huge, and whilst not full of rares it was decent bread and butter stuff.
    Im guessing they do get good shit in though as some reggae guys came in whilst I was there and were impressed with some of the reggae stuff that had come in that day, top gear by the sounds of it.

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    I don't think it's just London, I think it's the proliferation of information on the internet. I'm in the States and most big cities I've been to digging haven't yielded much. Found a few rare joints at a spot in Kentucky last year for peanuts, but most spots on the East Coast are hip to the game. My local spot is awesome for pricing rare records well below Discogs, but it still takes a lot of persistence and luck to find stuff. Most finds for me are due to persistence and word-of-mouth. Going to flea markets every week, once in awhile finding out about storage units, networking, it's really a lot of work and way more than it was a few years ago.

    I especially notice original press hip hop LPs have totally dried up. Even at the overpriced spots I rarely see desirable LPs



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