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    The list of musicians with faulty behavior and psychic problems is long indeed.
    But what has that to do with mr. know it all KRS being a special kind of asshole?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB View Post
    Anyone who thinks Bam is innocent probably thinks Jimmy Savile wasn't a nonce either.

    I think you're missing the point, I don't think anyone has claimed he is innocent, just that condemning someone with an investigation/trial is neither fair nor just.
    It's the sort of shady behaviour that the likes of the EDL employ, i.e. Making a statement without evidence and then either shouting down or condemning/ridiculing those who oppose it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Gold View Post
    What allegations against KRS?
    Meant the allegations against Bam which KRS spoke out about.

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    I had a dream I went to a KRS1 lecture last night, I totally blame this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by francois parker View Post
    I had a nightmare I went to a KRS1 lecture last night, I totally blame this thread.

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    I went to the launch of KRS's Gospel Of Hip-Hop book (or whatever it was called) at Powerhouse in Brooklyn about 7 years ago, and that actually did turn into a lecture.

    I feel asleep for most of it.

    Bumped into Mr Complex (nice dude) afterwards so wasn't all bad.



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