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    HHV still has copies i believe as i ordered the Czarface RSD release yesterday

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    anyone able to confirm the sound quality?

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    Again, the sound quality is good. That's the one thing you guys don't need to worry about. It's an official RSD pressing done well.

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    @Andyman, Stylus, and chakfu: Nah, my copy had the little card inside with the digital download code.

    This is a beautiful release. The vinyl is nice and heavy and the sound quality is great, way better than anything we’ve ever had before (well, except for Unexpected Flava, but I won’t get into that again). Even the digital downloads sound great; that bad-ass bass line on Devil’s Son sounds nice and smooth, and the horns on Timez iz Hard are really clear.

    This is a great week to be a Big L fan. Rejoice!

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    ^ word, just to echo Slappy's comments, all the unreleased cuts sound great compared to the bootlegs previously available.

    'Devil's Son' doesn't sound quite as good as the original 12", but thats no surprise.

    download code was in my copy too.

    is this the final piece in the Big L puzzle... or will we get to hear some more DITC action?

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    Word, good call, I forgot to include the original 12" in my comparisons. This is still the best digital version of Devil's Son that's ever been available, that's for sure.

    I hope this isn't the last of the Big L releases. But most of the unheard/unreleased stuff out there comes from his independent days, when the production and distribution and overall quality was kinda hit and miss. I believe the only unreleased songs from his glory days with DITC are the original version of Set It Off Troop (with Finesse and AG), the demo version of Devil's Son, and the Diamond D material Sleep mentioned. And How Will I Make It, that still hasn't been officially released.

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    ... of course, now that I think about it, Give It To 'em L and No Endz No Skinz (Original Version) surfaced from right out of nowhere, and I remember Showbiz saying that the tracks on L's demo tape were selected from an entire albums worth of material they had recorded together in 1992. So maybe we will see another kick-ass release of classic Diggin' era material. Big L had the tremendous fortune of recording his debut album right when these guys were at the peak of their abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slappy White View Post
    ... of course, now that I think about it, Give It To 'em L and No Endz No Skinz (Original Version) surfaced from right out of nowhere
    ... yeah, they were pretty cool, but no way original mixes from the early 90s, the production style is nothing like what Showbiz was doing in the early 90s.

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    Hmmm... interesting. Was there some monkey business going on with the Big L/Silky Black double pack? Those tracks seemed official to me. Sure, the production didn't sound anything like Runaway Slave, but I remember the press release stating something like: "Showbiz used a much different style of sound for L than he used for AG." (I used to have that damn press release, I remember it was purple. I can't find it anywhere now!)



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