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    Infinito 2017 - Mind Of Advanced Resistance Vinyl LP


    One of the South Side of Chicago’s most prolific boom bap artists and creative minds Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) creates complete consciousness in music and social awareness with the LP Mind of Advance Resistance, as he dedicates thought and concept over 10 soulful tracks produced entirely by DJ Takonedoe.

    The album is a thoughtfully planned collaboration with LowTech Records and Joe Left Hand Records bringing you a raw Hip Hop album that speaks on social injustice, contemporary colonial oppression and intelligence in music. Mind of Advanced Resistance is a positive vibration coming from the oppressed city of Chicago that teaches using the mind and awaken the confused about gentrification and ill-treatment from government imposed apartheid inside a harsh reality for African American and Indigenous people globally.

    This release is heartfelt education in mental development, please listen and learn attentively. The project is released on Vinyl, CD and Digital with complete full color art painted and designed by the artist himself Marcellous Lovelace
    Series: 10 OF 17 / 2017


    VINYL: lowtechrecords.bandcamp.com


    shout out to everyone from DWG of course i will send you 3 promos

    this is the first album i produced entirely so any feedback is appreciated DROP IT HERE

    peace love & happiness
    dj tako

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    props dude this is a great acomplishment - looks dope, will check the audio shortly.

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    new clip from the album released today get the whole LP for free download as long as theres bandcamp credits left ...cheers

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    Sounds great!

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    your support is very much appreciated check out the package deal with the other lps, samhill test press shipping now

    if you bought the lp and wanna upgrade to the package deal now just send me an email

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    i have clicked on the various links but have had no luck, can you please tell me how i can order the c.d. of INFINITO 2017 MIND OF ADVANCED RESISTANCE ?

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    seems they are sold out already sorry about that infinito always makes a very limited amount on CD

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    shout out to everyone for being very Patient ... infinito LPs finally arrived and shipping now i sent all orders out... $amhill will arrive tomorrow or early next week and we dropped another preorder today check it



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