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    Saw the Slick Rick, but didn't want to spend 50 on it. Bought the Idris Muhammed 12 & Andre3000 7 (for some reason!) Good record fair in Liverpool today too, got some bits there.

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    I scooped a j live 12" & a Pete rock, blaque spurm breaks record for a quid.
    Wanted the slick Rick as well, but broke. The meters reissue look tasty & left a kpm big beat in the racks. Heart breaking.

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    I liked this thread better when it was crazface Dave. .
    "I have no idea what hammer time is, or how it differs from regular time" - Dexter Morgan.

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    The Czarface & Slick Rick are available directly from Get On Down records on their website. They also have a limited Czarface print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    Decided to do what I usually do on RSD, and avoid it completely. So, this is my next option.

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    Hope you manage to grab a copy.



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